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Is rum on the rise?

When you think about rum you think probably think about pirates, treasure and maybe a college party or two. The one thing that you do not think of is rum, as a fine distilled cane spirit. In the next couple of years if you are thinking about rum, you may be thinking differently. One type of rum that is helping out the push for rum to be considered among the best in the rum category is Rhum Agricole.
Rhum Agricole is a type of category made in the French area of the Caribbean. One of these countries Martinique has helped rum by being one of the few countries in the world to have a AOC (Appellation d'Orgine Controlee) mark in the rum industry. Rhum Agricole is made by fermenting and distilling from pure and very fresh cane juice and comes out at 70 percent alcohol. Many of them are also aged for years in oak barrels for added flavor.
If you are looking for a fine sipping rum then, for the moment, you can still find one in a decent price range with high quailty.
• Made by the tequila company Patron, Pyrat rum made in the Caribbean with hints of honey comes in at 267 dollars a bottle.
El Dorado rum company has 350 years of experience that they bring into each bottle of 21 year old special reserve rum. Made in Guyana it comes in at 92 dollars a bottle.
Vizcaya VXOP Cask 21 rum, which is aged in oak barrels that are used to age bourbon first. Is made in small batches in 'methode agirocle' way. It has a flavor profile of brown sugar , maple and butterscotch. It is made in the Dominican Republic and comes in at only 39 dollars a bottle.
Rum is a drink that is up on the rise and one that no matter if you like it in your cocktail or if you just want to sip, is one to watch for the future. Happy drinking and drink safe.

Pyrat Rum
Pyrat Rum
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