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Is Ron Paul a traitor?

Recently, Dr. Ron Paul, Republican Congressmen in Texas, former Republican candidate for President, and founder of Campaign for Liberty, has been referred to as a traitor to the cause of liberty after openly supporting the Republican incumbents from Texas. So, does this make him a traitor to the cause?

Let's examine this. During 2008, Ron Paul's message of liberty and Constitutionalism change the minds of millions of people to think that maybe, just maybe, there is something better then picking "the lesser of two evils" in an election. Dr. Paul's message of liberty has united the minds, and hopes of these people to say, "I've had enough of this Republican vs. Democrat bull. Its time for something new." 

In the meantime, Dr. Paul's books, "End the Fed", and "The Revolution: A Manifesto" have been number one best sellers. The ideas in these books, as well as the ideas touted by this seemingly, otherwise, unheard of voice in Congress has lit a fire in the minds of liberty activists throughout this great nation as we spiral toward the likes of communism, under the politically correct, but very inaccurate term of socialism, under the Obama administration. 

So then, is Dr. Paul a traitor to the cause because he is supporting his fellow Republican incumbents? Well, that can be determined by your very own point of view. If, for example, you are, what I like to refer to as a bobble head Republican, the kind of person who will vote for someone, just because he or she is a Republican, and you believe in the Republican vs. Democrat battle in Congress, then absolutely not. Dr. Paul is just doing his part to show support for his own party. 

If you believe that Dr. Paul has sold out, because so many of the Republican incumbents in Texas are not liberty minded, then yes, I can certainly appreciate your viewpoint that Dr. Paul is a traitor to the cause. 

But lets examine why so many of us believe in this one sole Congressman from Texas. Is it because he's just some likable guy? Is it because he's a great speaker? Or is it because the ideas he speaks of actually make sense?

For me, its all about the ideas. I'm very much an idea man. And based on the ideas that Dr. Paul spoke of during his campaign for Presidency in 2008, I fully supported him. Based on his ideas of liberty, and low taxes, and cutting spending,and bringing our military home, and fixing the problems of this country, rather then trying to police the world; I still support him. But, what about his backing of other Republican candidates? 

The one thing I learned best during the 2008 primaries in the realm of politics in general, was to think for myself. Even though I do like Ron Paul, would I support his decision to back an incumbent simply because that person is a Republican? Of course not. But, I will look at all the candidates and make up my own mind. 

And I would hope that no one else would either. When voting, people need to look hard at ALL candidates and make their decisions based on their heart, based on the voting records or track records of the candidates, regardless of party affiliation. 

I have said this more times then I can count, parties mean nothing. Liberty means everything. And like so many have seen throughout Facebook, or MySpace, the only wasted vote, is the vote for the lesser of two evils.

I implore you all, to do the research on the candidates you can vote for, and make your choices not from party, but from person.


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