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Is Rihanna being a cyberbully on Twitter?

Rihanna at Echo Awards
Photo by Florian Seefried/Getty Images

In 2010 Rihanna wore an Alexandre Vauthier jumpsuit to the 2010 Echo Awards. In 2014, a 16 year old girl with the help of a family member created her own signature jumpsuit to wear to her Hollywood Red Carpet themed prom. Seeing the outfit on Rihanna she just knew it was different and unique and with all the excitement of a teenage girl on her way to the prom found a way to make it happen. A family friend turned fairy godmother created a similar outfit, complete with plunging neckline and "wing-like" attachments under the arms, and young Alexis Carter was whisked off to the ball, sorry, prom like a princess, no a Hollywood star.

The evening was one that she would never forget with comments and compliments about her amazing and unique outfit. She was told she looked wonderful in it. Isn't that every girls dream, to look wonderful for the prom?

However, not all is well that ends well. After posting pictures of herself on Twitter, striking a pose in her now described as #prombat outfit the responses were not all positive. We all know how mean teens can be especially when they have social media to hide behind and those who didn't care for the outfit quickly made their thoughts known in comments and memes. However, what some may not have anticipated was the fact that apparently Rihanna didn't take imitation as a sincere form of flattery.

Rihanna joins in with tweets of her own including a side by side picture of the two outfits, one on Alexis and one on Rihanna and adds simply a frowny face emoticon.

She doesn't stop there, but adds side by sides of Alexis in her jumpsuit with a picture of the the bat like logo of the Wu-Tang clan adding "She gets it."

"I was very offended," Alexis Carter said of Rihanna's tweets. "Why throw shade on it when you had on the exact same thing? The poses was different but the outfit wasn't." She added, "She don't love her fans like she says she does."

Though busy on Twitter no more comments about been made about Alexis outfit.

Alexis may have lost an idol, but she's gained supporters as parents and teens as well as others show their support with tweets like this one, #alexiscarter #prombat Hold your head high & don't let anyone tell you you're not amazing! You're the one girls will look up to now! :-)

Is it cyberbullying or is it just Rihanna being her outspoken honest self?

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