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Is Rick Snyder's "one tough nerd" ad campaign a winner?


  • 5 years ago

    I liked it. Ms. Smiley our Governor certainly isn't doing it for me; and never did! In fact, I'm blown away.

  • DonnyQ 5 years ago

    Good ad but now he needs to follow up and tell what he plans to do. I suggest Snyder take a look at what Gov. Christie is saying in NJ about taking on the public employee unions and their defined benefit plans that are bankrupting the state. Our situation is as bad as NJ. The last thing we need is another tax hike.

  • Donald Michael Schwartz 5 years ago

    I like the ad. I usually split my ballot between the Democrats and the Greens - usually reserving the minor offices for the Greens. I did vote for a Green against Levin for Senate. I was so disgusted with Carl's handling of the Michigan Primary.

    This year I plan to vote for Snyder in the Republican Primary, If he turns out to be for real. If Snyder makes it to the General Election, I am likely to split my ballot between Snyder Republican, and the rest Green.

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