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Is Richard Lugar still needed by Indiana?

Richard Lugar (Senate-Indiana) seems to be trailing in the 2012 GOP race for his current seat. The D.C. based Club for growth, a fiscally conservative study group, said that he trails the current Indiana State Treasurer; 34 percent favored Murdock, 32 percent favored Lugar with 34 percent undecided. This allows a 4.4 percent margin of error. The poll was taken by Basswood Research via telephone.

Lugar for Senate 2012

Most agreed that Lugar had done good things while in the Senate but said that after 35 years, change is needed. This comes from the idea that Lugar is less conservative, and has been called Obama’s favorite Republican. After the ad against him, Lugar responded by aligning himself with the cornerstone of the Republican Party, the deceased President Ronald Reagan.

Lugar’s campaign director David Wilkie said,”The data released by the Club for Growth does not resemble anything we are seeing. Before commenting on a purely publicity-driven poll commissioned by an outside group that has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars against us, we need to know much more about the methodology”.

The Club for Growth has consistently rated Lugar among the worst scoring Republicans on the policies of economic growth including; taxes, spending, and deregulation since 2005.


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