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Is regulation of massage therapy helpful?


Regulation of massage in Colorado started in April 2009.

Since April 2009 all massage therapists need to be registered in the State of Colorado in order to provide massage services.

For a long time massage therapy was not regulated at all in Colorado. Meaning that anyone could post an ad using the word: Massage.

Actually, still happens and this is one of the reasons many massage therapists might not be happy by spending $90 for this registration plus other related expenses, like criminal background check and finger prints.

Many people might not be aware of this, but the idea behind regulating massage as a valid profession is to differentiate from those who are not therapists, but advertise as such and some of them in fact do provide sexual services.

Why would this be important to you? I guess it would give you the confidence to know that you will be in the hands of someone who went to a massage school program (with minimum training of 500 hrs or more), graduated and if by any chance you do get hurt during massage, you will be protected because that therapist must have insurance to protect his/her practice. It is really important for any therapist to know what to do in each particular session depending on the person's condition, but even more important on what not to do when the therapist has knowledge of contraindications of massage.

When you are hurt, that would be the most important time to verify that you will be treated by a registered massage therapist. I've heard many stories when people decided to pay for a cheap $25/hour massage and instead of improving, it got worse.

Next time you pick up the phone looking for a massage appointment ask: are you registered as massage therapist in Colorado?

For more info: You can visit the Department of Regulatory Agencies. To find if a therapist is registered or you can file a complain if needed.


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