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Is Reality Steve wrong about 'Bachelorette' Andi's final pick?

Is Reality Steve wrong about 'Bachelorette' Andi's final pick?
Is Reality Steve wrong about 'Bachelorette' Andi's final pick?
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Blogger Reality Steve Carbone is positive that Josh Murray is "Bachelorette" Andi's final pick this season, but there are rumblings online that he may be wrong. Back in May, he posted a video of contestant Nick Viall talking about the final rose ceremony and told his readers that the contents of the video pretty much confirm what he spoiled weeks before: Nick gets ditched and Josh Murray is Andi's pick.

However, Bustle writer Nicole Pomarico thinks the video of Nick yapping away on a plane is too good to be true. Pomarico writes that Nick's conversation was "about 100 percent fabricated by ABC" and that the network was "trolling" to get Carbone to take the bait.

So, is Nick Viall really the winner this season and was Carbone set up by ABC? Fans won't find that out until the final rose ceremony that airs on July 28, but it sure makes those of us who aren't all thrilled with this lackluster season a little more apt to watch.

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After all, Carbone did screw up when it came to naming Desiree Hartsock's final pick, so would anyone be surprised if he made the wrong pick again? While it's hard to deny that he's been spot on with Andi's season so far, it is possible that the network may have set him up to fail with the Nick-on-a-plane scenario.

"...what better way to stir the pot than to have Nick (who might actually be the real winner? Maybe?) stage an incredibly revealing conversation while seated in front of someone who works for the show, who would then pass the video on to Steve to share as a spoiler and throw everyone off well before the season finale airs?" - Nicole Pomarico, Bustle

The speculation will continue until the season finale, but Reality Steve is standing firm with his spoiler that Andi Dorfman choose Josh Murray and they are currently engaged.

If he's wrong, will readers continue to read his spoilers? Of course.

There will be an initial rash of nasty tweets from fans who seem to have far too many many emotions invested in the reality show. They will swear on Chris Harrison's life that they will never read Carbone's blog again. Flash forward a few weeks and the same fans will be scouring Reality Steve's blog for spoilers about the newest "Bachelor" spinoff, "Bachelor in Paradise."

Do you think ABC set Reality Steve up with the Nick Viall airplane conversation or is he accurate with his prediction that Andi and Josh got engaged at the final rose ceremony?

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