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Is Qatar Underwriting Terrorism in the Middle East........

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In other parts of the world we find that there seems to be a major conflict that is brewing in the Gulf. One that will with no doubt destabilize the Gulf region and stave off any plans for action against Iran… It must be Iran’s lucky month. As it where, there is a major conflict between Qatar and Saudi Arabia and Iraq . The conflict stems from the December meeting of the GCC in Kuwait. At the this particular meeting Saudi Arabia and Abu Dubai where apparently close to singling out Qatar for covertly financing terrorism in Syria. This apparently did not happen instead they chose to handle the matter privately among leaders. This was a far cry from the public tongue-lashing given to Qatari Emir Sheikh Tamim during a meeting in Riyadh that was arranged by Kuwaiti leader Sheikh Sabah Al Ahmad. Apparently Tamin was asked …no directed to alter the Qatar foreign policy towards this matter. If you know any thing about this region or realism when applied to the Middle east you then know that matters such as these are sensitive and can escalate quickly….. and they did.

To fully understand the perspective of Qatar and that of its neighbors one has to look at the broader picture . Qatar has of recent years tried to snooze up to the regional powers in an attempt to elevate its standing i.e The Republic of Turkey and Iran. If you’re the small guy in the room you want the bigs to be your best friend… period. This has irritated its neighbors because to be frank Iran has no friends in the region other than…… you guessed it Turkey. If the Qatar neighbors see it has undermining efforts in the Syria in order to gain favor with Turkey and Iran then Qatar has a problem. Why do you ask because Qatar is picking the wrong side…. at least in the case of Iran. Qatar doesn’t want the title of financier … why because then Qatar will become a target for the US and EU and if that happens … please see Iran . It is in Qatar interest to pursue relations with Turkey and put as much daylight between Iran as it can before the changing of the next US administration. What Qatar does not understand is that the US has every intention of entering Syria now that Russia has lost all credibility and Iran will soon follow. These foreign policy missteps can be easily chalked to the inexperience of Emir Sheikh Tamim….. or the learning curve will be doozy. …………….. to be continued.