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Is Pope Francis retiring?

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In a May 23 interview (1) with Alfred Lambremont Webre, Kevin Annett, Field Secretary for the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS), gave an update into the child-trafficking, rape and murder convictions (2) of Jorge Bergogli, Joseph Ratzinger, Elizabeth Windsor, and Justin Welby.

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Insiders in Rome told Annett of Bergoglio's new health problems that may limit his travel plans. He feels this to be an indication that there is trouble in Paradise.

Now traditionally, when the Vatican or really, any government or corporation does that, it's to flag the fact that this person might be removed. It's almost the code word for—you know—his head might be on the block here, people.

So I think it's definitely—we're looking at the possibility that his resignation or forced removal or whatever, might be in the offing. It shows that they're very edgy and they're jumping the gun a lot, which is always an indication—you know Sun Tzu says in "The Art of War," that kind of behavior indicates an enemy in panic and on the defensive—really on the retreat. And I think that that's a sign of what's going on in Rome.

Annett cited the recent beatification of John XXIII and John Paul II as a typical smoke and mirrors event to distract from their blatant sense of panic. "They're in panic mode. They don't really know what to do now that this evidence doesn't stop and the evidence is actually coming from within the Vatican," Annett said.

Annett believes that it may have something to do with the onslaught of evidence that continues to pour in, incriminating both Bergoglio and Ratzinger in participation in Ninth Circle sacrificial cult rites.

Members of the ITTCS and prosecutor's office in Belgium estimate that it will take at least a year to examine all of the evidence in the global child trafficking case which started April 7. This case involves three primary defendants: Jorge Bergoglio, Justin Welby, (3) and Adolfo Pachón, (the Superior General of the Jesuit Order).

Included in this evidence is the latest eyewitness testimony of a Canadian woman who witnessed Ratzinger participate in the SS child sacrifice cult known as the Knights of Darkness. (4) which appears to have a direct link to the Ninth Circle.

One of the women who I met in Brussels described—and we have this on video, which will be released by the prosecutor's office—she described being at a ceremony where both Welby and Bergoglio were present and she—the way she put it in her statement—she said Bergoglio had this penchant, this, you know, kind of preference of tossing children into this—she was describing it was like a pit, which—and the same pit is described by Toos Nijenhuis (5) in her description of the events in Holland—the child sacrificial rites.

She said "Bergoglio liked to push people in the pit; Justin Welby liked to use electricity on them." She was describing the different electric shock tortures and things. She went into great detail and she didn't just pull these names out of the air. She didn't even know these people. She's a fairly uneducated woman from Holland, doesn't know Toos, but you know, they're from the same general area.

And she was shown pictures of Bergoglio and Welby, without even knowing who they were and she said, "That's them!" You know, "those are the guys who were at this thing."

As recently as three years ago where children were killed at these rituals.

According to Annett, two of the three primary defendants have been positively identified by eyewitnesses as participants in the Ninth Circle child sacrificial cults, as more evidence continues to come in.

In addition, Annett stated that there is an apparent power struggle ensuing between the Latin American and German factions in the College of Cardinals in Rome.

Cardinal Óscar Andrés Rodriguez Maradiaga (6) was named Archbishop of Tegucigalpa in 1993. Maradiaga was elevated to Cardinal-Priest of Santa Maria della Speranza by John Paul II in 2001,\, becoming the first cardinal from Honduras. After many other "promotions," he was appointed to Pope Francis's advisory group for the revision of the Apostolic Constitution on the Roman Curia, in 2013.

Annett described Maradiaga as a real political manipulator, "like Bergoglio," and played a role in the 2009 coup ousting President Zelaya. (7)

This Maradiaga made sure that the military stayed in power, just like Bergoglio did in Argentina. He cushied up to them. Now, not surprisingly, Bergoglio names this Maradiaga—Oscar Maradiaga—as the head of Bergoglio's so-called "Council of Eight Cardinals," which is his inner circle, giving him all this advice about—you know—what they say to the press.

It's the group that is advising him about how to reform the Vatican. In fact, what they're doing is how to really make sure that none of the evidence that began to just come out in droves under Ratizinger, make sure that none of that ever surfaces.

Cardinal Gerhard Müller (8) is a close friend of Ratzinger's, who replaced Ratzinger as the head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF). (9) Back as far as 1922, the CDF was given authority over sexual abuse, (10) yet Ratzinger, during the 20 years in which he held that post, never exercised his authority over child abusing clergy.

It is the CDF that is responsible for applying "Crimen Sollicitationis," (11) mandating that all child abuse cases will be handled within the walls of the Vatican.

Now, Müller, in other words, is a very powerful figure as head of the CDF. He, and the head of the Vatican bank, they're Germans. There's this power struggle going on between the Germans, around Ratzinger and this new council set up by Bergoglio. So that—you know—it's a regular mock pile in Rome. You know, you can never really figure out who's who in one sense, but definitely, there is those two factions at work.

It was Maradiaga, Arnett added, who was involved in the attempt to shut down the common law court earlier this year.

Annett stated that according to inside sources in the Vatican, money transfers have been going out of the Vatican bank to German and Chinese banks consistently over the last six months. Sources, he claims, believe that the Vatican bank is insolvent right now.

Well you notice, both Barack Obama and Elizabeth Windsor, they all came to pay little visits to Bergoglio and—you know—I think that that whole western alliance is—that was linked to the Vatican—is shaky. I think the Vatican is probably jumping ship and going over to the Russians and the Chinese, is my personal opinion.

Inside information brought to light one of the confirmed sites for Ninth Circle child sacrifices. It is Montréal's Marie-Reine-du-Monde (Mary, Queen of the World) (12) and the next major Ninth Circle ritual is scheduled there for August 15.

The prosecutor's office is thereby calling for volunteers and special deputies to go to the Cathedral and shut it down, in an effort to save the children scheduled for sacrifice.

Annett also mentioned the Calgary Royal Canadian Air Force Base (13) as a longtime location for satanic ritual sacrifice.

One of the first witnesses was a woman who lives in western Canada—and I've actually met her—interviewed her a number of years ago, already. She survived the experimental programs that occurred at the Calgary Royal Canadian Air Force Base called Lincoln Park between 1956 and '58 where she saw several SS doctors, including with a SS tattoo marks here on their lower left arm—she saw those men ritually kill and experiment on children. They were members of a group called the Knights of Darkness, which was an SS cult in which Joseph Ratzinger in fact was a member.

The 60-year-old woman whom Annett interviewed went by the name of Gail. Like many other victims, she was born into a family of Satanists and she testified that some of her own offspring were sacrificed in the rituals. Her mother, Gail claimed, was known as a "breeder" who carried and delivered babies purely for sacrifice or to fill the ranks of the cult membership.

In her testimony, Gail incriminates a man with the code name of Bob Armstrong. She even remembered his SS number (090374), which corresponds to a man named Hubert Vasselow, a one-time colonel in the SS. According to records, Vasselow disappeared in Germany in 1944 and was never seen again.

In the mid-50s, it was not uncommon for many of the SS doctors who were brought through Canada to the United States under Project Paperclip, (14) to settle down at the Calgary Royal Canadian Air Force Base.

She [Gail] was part of a group of 20 children who had been kidnapped out of the child welfare system, including some aboriginal kids brought from the local Indian school she claims.

And these kids were tortured to death systematically. They had bolts driven through their head; they had parts of their body ripped off; they were like horrible tortures and rape and murder. And she witnessed and even participated in these things.

The bodies were then disposed of on a mink farm near Calgary.

Annett stated that the only way to fight what he referred to as a "system of corporatism" is through the common law process. Under the April 20 Maastricht Proclamation, (15) he said, the Vatican, the Roman Catholic Church and the Crown of England have lost all their authority since being convicted as transnational criminal bodies.

As a result, citizens are empowered to disestablish those criminal bodies and are beginning to take action. Many are occupying churches and arresting known child-raping clergy. There are currently over 200 trainees in the sheriff training programs, along with 32 chartered common law court groups in five different countries.

Three-quarters of the volunteers are based in the United States, England, and Canada. Annett claimed the best response—the biggest concentration of people actively taking training—are right here in the midwest area of the United States.

In particular, between South Dakota and Minnesota there are as many as 800 people who are already involved in the "Restore the Republic" (16) movement and have long since begun convening common law courts and appointing sheriffs for training. Texas and Idaho are also among the states initiating common law training.

"So this is a really important development," Annett said, "because it means that we're not just publishing the information and calling for justice, we're enacting that justice, which is our right under common law."

Throughout Canada, the United States, and England, volunteers are taking control and distributing stand down orders to members of parliament, the police, and judges, informing them that they no long have any authority.

Even in Canada where the Mounties are known for their historical knowledge or knowledge of the law, they are listening. Up in Alberta, northern Alberta, there's a meeting of five Mounties with one of our guys and he was saying, "Look, you guys were part of a criminal body responsible for killing over 50 thousand Indian kids. You have no authority; stand down." And they're listening. That's the point. So the whole part of this delegation is going to enforce that in a big way to take this to a much higher level publicly and we're gonna be doing it.

Those interested in receiving more information on common law can contact Kevin Annett at: Anyone who would like to volunteer for training should contact ITCCS directly at:

"This is an amazing event in human history," Annett said. "This is light coming back to these dark places."




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