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Is Pharrell Williams' 'Happy' a song your church can sing?

"Happy" is spreading good vibes all around the world!!
"Happy" is spreading good vibes all around the world!!
Pharrell Williams

This is the most infectious song anywhere right now. “Happy” by Pharrell, the Oscar nominated song from “Despicable Me 2” has made its way from the silver screen to the small screen (by way of advertising) and now…your local church!

Do it for the vine…
“..I ain’t gon’ do it…!” Churches, music ministries and believers everywhere are wrangling with the decision to include the anthem in their Sunday rotation. But, why is there any wrangling period? "Happy” is still a secular song no matter the feel good vibe listeners get from it.

Put those hands together…
There’s an old saying that “if it barks like a dog and walks like a dog, it’s a dog!” In the song, Pharrell implores you to ‘clap along’ just like any praise and worship leader worth their salt! In this case, “Happy” sounds like church music, the harmonies are ‘churchy’ but it is still NOT suitable for church, in any case! Whatever happened to believers being happy in Christ alone?

Why Seek Ye the Living Among the Dead…?
The real problem here is the growing problem many in the church have by going outside the church to receive what alone can be found in Christ. This is a huge problem for the church and church music. Musical influence shapes worship services all over the world. It seems as though many in the church feel a void if there is any exclusion from something good. The church must gain the fortitude to decline the secular invitation for affirmation. Everything ‘good’ doesn’t bring glory to God. When the church at large adopts that ideal, it will bring some clarity to those otherwise ‘blurred lines’.

This church is happy!

As the music goes, so goes the church. Many people look at a church for signs of life, but how many are looking for signs of death? Signs of a dead church include “inclusionism” in all facets of ministry. YES, THIS IS A BIG DEAL!

Whose gonna sweep up these pine needles…?
The inclusion of “Happy” in the church wreaks of paganism’s grip on the modern church a la Christmas Tree, Easter bunnies and Easter eggs, Fall Harvest/Hallelujah Night Pumpkins and everything else that has attached itself to the Holy Days of the church. This is sure to be the next mess the church’s mixture of secular and sacred has created.

The doors of the church are open…to secular influence! –Fred Willis

The Trojan Horse possibility
In case you don’t remember the infamous story of the Trojan Horse, click here. Much like the story of Greek/Trojan war, it seems that just when gospel music was coming into its own and grabbing a foothold in mainstream music, “Happy” burst onto the scene and gleefully through the doors of the church. Much like the story of the horse, there is something in the ‘belly of the beast’.

This church is happy, too!

That’s Greek to me…!
The church must protect its intellectual property and you can never forget that church music is the property of the church! If the church fails in its custodial duty of protecting this sacred gift, it leaves the door open for that which is sacred to be overcome by secular influence. Remember, the Greeks only appeared to sail away…there were more in the beast than there were in the boats! In the Trojan War, the gates of Troy weren’t compromised until they accepted the ‘gift’ of the ‘wooden horse’.

The church and music ministers should consider this considering songs for the worship service and close the door on secular influence as it tries yet again to creep into church.

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