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Is our priority in school just education

Children feel safe to spend time talking after school>
Sidney Drabkin

Is mental security one of our priorities in a school, or is it just education in a school environment?

Mental security in a school is where a child or adult can feel safe in that environment. This means if I was walking down a school hall, if I was in a bathroom of a school, if Iwas talking to an administrator, teacher, student, janitor, or on a field trip--I would not be attack or molested by anyone.

In other words, as a student, as a visitor, as a teacher, as an administrator I would feel secure in the school's environment. This responsibility lies with everyone in the school. For instance, if you see a person with a gun, knife, or bulling another person, immediately report it to a teacher, janitor, security officer, or an administrator so that the danger can be removed.

The problem is that people do not want to get involved. If it does not bother them, if they feel safe, if they are out of the way of the problem--I am secured that is all that matters, so what, with the others: Why should I get envolved?

Here is another problem that many children and adults are having when they see a person being arrested on a school grounds. I knew that person and he or she was nice to me, so why is he or she being arrested? I spent time with that person--just me and him or she together, by ourselves, talking about school work.

Therefor, because I do not feel secure in the school's environment , I can't trust anyone including the school's administration. Remember, trust goes along with the words mental security, therefore I trusted that person, and now I find out that he or she was arrested.

Therefor, should mental security be one of the priorities in a school environment?

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