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Is Our Health Care System Being Sabatoged?

Grant it germs can pop up almost anywhere, but when somebody arrives at a hospital in good health and leaves sick, or when steroid shots for back pain result in fungal menengitis, this should signal red flags. Health threats should not come from our health care system.

Not only is this a source of concern, but recently it has been discovered that Monster Salmon and antibiotic-resistant bacteria from GE experiments in Chinese waterways. Genetic engineering (GE) needs to be contained and the public health protected, but who would stand up to the companies that are doing these experiments? It is a scarey prospect when profit precedes the interests of public health. Since we as consumers determine the supply and demand, they need to supply us with a full report and we should demand it!

International trade has made our world smaller and the health risks higher. We should boycott products that threaten our health, but most importantly know which products to boycott before our health is threatened, not afterwards.

This article I am writing is an attempt to make you aware of the dangers that exist and empower you to make the right choices. Too many people rely on announcements from governments, agencies or companies after the fact and even these reports can be inconclusive or tainted with wrong information as to not create a public panic.

When you make a purchase, read the labels to find out where the product is manufactured, assembled and produced unless you grow your own food and make your own products. I am leaning towards the latter as to not take any chances. Even small steps to produce your own food and make your own natural products, is a step in the right direction.

If this is not an option for you, Seventh Generation products can help. They not only produce natural products they help protect our environment and resources.


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