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Is or was God bi-polar?

If there really is a Christian God as the Christians say, could he be or have been bi-polar? Could he have had thoughts of manic depression alternating with sessions of euphoria? Could he act crazy?

If so, that would be nifty explanation for the acts of this God and his son Jesus through the Old and New Testaments. Of course, that would also make him a man or man-like, rather than a God.

But just look at the record through the Bible to see the ups and downs, highs and lows, good and evil of this God or god of the Christians.

Under direct orders by God, Moses and his people had one poor Israelite killed for the sin of working on the Sabbath by picking up sticks. Check Matthew 15:35-36 for this.

On the extremely benevolent side of the scale, God gave a pass to David for his sins of adultery with Bathsheba and contract killing of her husband Uriah. Check 2 Samuel 11 for this whole story.

Jesus is often portrayed as the gentle spirit in the Bible, bringing people back from the dead, feeding 5,000 and then 4,000 with scraps of fish and bread, and restoring paralytics or those with leprosy and withered hands to full health. But Jesus also rebuked his brothers and mother in Matthew 12:46-50, presumably not talking to them after they made a trip to see him preaching.

In the Old Testament, God saves Moses when all other male children are being killed by having his mother place him in a floating basket to float downstream on the Nile to be picked up by the Pharaoh’s daughter. (Exodus 1:2-6)

But there is also the story of Joshua leading the Israelites under God’s orders to take all of Canaan with the well-known story of Jericho as part of this.

The result of this battle with Jericho and all the other 30-plus cities of Canaan is that God ordered all the citizens killed, including even all the livestock. The passage in Joshua 6:21 and again reinforced in Joshua 10:40 shows that God is ordering everyone from babies to pregnant women to old inform me and all in between to be killed. That’s not very benevolent or loving, as the Christians like to portray the Bible and God.

In between the good acts of God providing manna for food for the Israelites for forty years in the desert, God also killed all of the children of Job in Job 1:18-19. This book in the Bible treats children almost like TVs or toaster ovens that can be replaced at will without any love or sentiment lost on them.

The fact that Job later had other sons and daughters (Job 12:12-13) does not reduce the evil of God in allowing Satan to kill Job’s original sons and daughters.

All this is some sort of Godly insanity, divine delusional acts or Biblical bi-polar manic depression. That suggests that God was or is really a man or like a man, or maybe a god made by men in man’s image rather than the other way around.

Sounds as if God has or had a serious case of bi-polar disorder, insanity, or is just plain crazy. In any case, it does not sound like a God or god that should be followed, admired or worshiped.

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