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Is Obamacare the biggest faith-based vote In America on trial this week?

The fate of perhaps 50 million unborn babies may be at stake in what could be the biggest faith-based vote in the history of the nation this week. All hands in the U.S. House of Representatives in the fragile coalition for life must hold and not be swayed by the tenacity and unrelenting pressure to abandon principle for political expediency.

Will President Obama's health care speech in Strongsville, Ohio, Monday  scare pro-life Democrats?
AP Photo - Charles Dharapak.

When the architects of history chronicle this vote it must not be looked upon as a mere procedural congressional cover that paved the way for sanctioned publicly-funded abortion. Each man and each woman in congress should be convinced to hear the future cries of the unborn and understand that moral conscience must override political conviction that is grounded in convenience and expediency.

Even the president understands that the moral courage displayed by a pro-life coalition could not be moved by White House operatives. He could not take a yes vote for passage for granted. Now President Obama has decided to stay stateside from a planned family vacation to shepherd the bill toward passage by March 18. Well of course he should! This is the most important legislation not only of his administration but also of the last 60 years.

The battle in the House and U.S. Senate is of historic proportions and not because of the reasons advanced by the liberal pundits and the White House spinmeisters who complain that several presidents could not pass this type of trillion-dollar-plus measure before. If language supporting tax-payer-funded abortion is still contained in the bill, then it is a battle of the highest moral life stakes.

You see if the measure that President Obama wants passed includes any mention or possibility of public-sanctioned language then it would be better to have failed over the next 60 years than to deprive life to an additional 50 millions babies lost to abortion (and paid for by our taxes) as have been lost thus far due to the U.S. Supreme Court Roe v. Wade decision.

Ann Arbor families will be affected. Boston babies yet to be born will be affected
. San Francisco fathers will be deprived of an opportunity to raise a family. Columbus, Ohio mothers may never know God’s precious gift. Literally, every city, small town and village or township in America is affected and will be affected if abortion language is retained in the bill.

This is why America has to be taken back to a time when the morality of life was respected and the value of life was protected and defended. It is a reason to rally for life this week. Let congress and the White House hear America’s voices for life!

Ann Arbor Congressman Mike Rogers (R-MI) put it best when he quoted Abraham Lincoln at a House congressional healthcare hearing last fall, "You can't make a weak man strong by making a strong man weak." America is made weak when life is taken, and it nullifies our moral greatness. Let the president and congress know that Americans for life don’t want a political fix, Americans don’t want to lose the trial for life before the fight for the right to life in America becomes but a distant political memory.

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