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Is Obamacare quietly killing seniors?

Obamacare is the biggest insult on not only the middle class but also on seniors. Obamacare takes $716 billion from Medicare. In addition, Obama is cutting payments to hospitals and other providers, which is how he keeps his assurance to seniors that their benefits will not be cut. Under Obamacare, hospitals, hospice care, dialysis centers, and nursing homes will be paid less money to take care of the same number of seniors. Many of these facilities are already short staffed, and the cut of payments will increase the shortage of staffing. The cuts compel hospitals, and nursing facilities to operate in an environment of medical scarcity, with fewer nurses and less diagnostic equipment.

Many families and nurses are already concerned with the amount staff that is provided in these health care settings, and Obamacare is creating more of a concern. Nursing homes in Florida are already staffing at a ratio of one nurse per forty patients, and one certified nursing assistant per patient. This ratio already creates a scream for more staff and especially on the night shift of these facilities. More falls occur in the evening and night shift, which creates a concern for safety, especially for patients with Alzheimer’s or some form of dementia. It is a concern that seniors should have at this time. The cuts will worsen an elderly patient safety and survival rate at these facilities.

The decrease in payments to hospitals will create a low survival rate for seniors that need a hospital stay. Over the next few years seniors with pneumonia, stroke, heart attacks and other common conditions have a greater chance at dying at a low spending hospital, where they would have recovered and gone home had they been treated at a higher spending institution. That means that a death toll of about 10% of the Medicare population. Is this Obama’s way to have euthanasia legal is the question this writer ask.

The Obama administration is pressuring hospitals in all states to imitate low spending hospitals. In addition, the Obama administration will reward hospitals that spend the least per senior, and penalize those that spend more. The cuts do not eliminate fraud and waste, and abuse of Medicare payments it just hurts the seniors who are in need of high quality medical care. In addition, private insurance companies that cover patients with Medicare Advantage programs are ready dumped doctors and patients because of Obamacare budget cuts, and have done this quietly last year. Seniors how can you let the government clutch your life into their hands?

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