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Is Obama's Socialism pushing us to a political Civil War?

Obama pondering Health Care Reform
Obama pondering Health Care Reform
AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais

Will democracy prevail over Obama Socialism? Obama is using strong-arm tactics to coerce the democrats to vote in favor of his health care bill. He is calling for an up or down vote on the health care reform bill so long as the vote is "up". Until then the vote will not be cast. It appears that the democrat party is biding their time to secure the bare minimum essential votes necessary to force the partisan health care reform bill through Congress in an unprecedented simple majority "reconciliation method". Throughout this process, Obama is utilizing all of his well known "Chicago" mob tactics including coercion and bribery. Fellow democrat members who will not "play ball" will be exposed for any type of skeletons they have in their closet, threatened behind closed doors, or simply bribed with future monetary perks or governmental positions. He has been seen taking democrats for a little ride on Air force one where they miraculously change their vote from "Nay" to Yea". Never before has this amount of governmental corruption outraged the American public to the point where they are traveling in masses to Washington, D.C. to protest the deep-seated corruption in the White House. It appears that Nancy Pelosi's favorability ratings has dropped to 29%, but make it clear that she is merely acting out the wishes of the Commander-in-Chief, Barack Hussein Obama. An analogy can be made between Barack Obama as the mafia boss who remains clean and amiable in a three piece suit and tries to stay well removed from the dirty work necessary to advance his power and control while his thugs (Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi) are involved with strong-arm tactics are perceived with disgust and reviled by the public. And similarly to organized crime, laws of the land are simply violated or distorted in order to affect the end result. In order to deliver Obama's goal of controlling the US health care system it has become necessary to trample the US Constitution and get away with as much illegal activity as possible. Threats, bribery, and payoffs are occurring behind closed doors to the point that some democrats have quit their party in disgust of their party's behavior. Never before in my entire life have I ever seen such outrageous behavior that would incite the American public to be so outraged by the violation of American Constitutional principles of government that they would come in droves leaving the comfort of their homes: off their sofas, out of their houses, and go to the streets to protest the mockery of the US Constitution and voting process. Health care reform has been discussed for months on end. With the reform bill having passed the Senate and the inability of the House of Representatives to accept the Senate bill, all types of trickery are being performed to get the bill passed including the Slaughter proposal which is designed to pass the bill without reading it with the intention of changing it and hiding the identity of those who voted for it to avoid the political repercussions in the upcoming voting in November. I believe that the Democrat/socialists vastly underestimate the veracity of the American citizen when the principles of liberty, freedom, and justice are messed with. This will not be forgotten and they will pay the price for their evil deeds.
Violation of Constitutional law and mockery of the system of government which was so painstakingly constructed by the founding fathers of our country should be an offense to every American citizen. Thousands of Americans have died to uphold the principles that our country is based upon. Thousand of Americans have shed their blood to uphold the sanctity of the principles that our government endorses. Freedom, Liberty, and Justice is what our country is all about. However none of this is evident in the antics being enacted by Barack Hussein Obama, Nancy Pelosi, or Harry Reid. This is a call to action for the American citizen. Some of us may have proudly served our country at war; others are now called to serve our country during this political civil war to protest the mockery, distortion, and desecration of our United States Constitution. American citizens are called to do their part to protest on the streets of Washington D.C., and at local tea parties and call their congress members. Citizens should dig into their pockets during this time of recession to donate funds to support Conservative political campaigns and organizations and bolster those politicians who vow to return America to its founding principles of Liberty, Freedom, and Justice and protect the US Constitution. Our nation was founded by a Revolutionary war which was designed to free us from the oppression of government bureaucracy, excess taxation, an excessive governmental control. It was the intent of our fore fathers to limit the Federal government since they were aware of the dangers of excessive governmental power, management and control of the people. It is very clear that the socialist Barack Hussein Obama has the opposite intent. His intent is to grow the Federal government as large as possible. The government has expanded now to be the largest that it has ever been. By controlling Health Care, the socialists will be controlling 16% of America's GDP (gross domestic product).
America has always been a "Mecca" to foreign citizens of Europe, South America, and oppressed nations. It has been revered for the unique values, freedoms and liberties that our country possesses and the absence of governmental tyranny. With the possible passage of Obama care, provisions are in place to force Americans to purchase health care insurance or face fines and/or imprisonment. Against their beliefs, Catholics will be forced to pay taxes a part of which will fund government sponsored abortions. An enormous government bureaucracy will be created, quality physicians will quit medicine, our health care system will be destroyed and our nation will teeter on impending financial bankruptcy. Is this Liberty? Is this freedom? Is this Justice?



  • URAMoron 5 years ago

    #1. Look up socialism
    #2. Look up Obstructionism
    #3. Who said you can write?! Have you ever heard of indentation? Paragraphs? Sentence structure?!
    Go drink some more of the GOP Hate Elixir. And One More Thing: The Tea Party couldn't organize their way out of a panty raid; they are going to split the vote and let Dems win again in 2012. Bye Bye GOP Hatemonger

  • drill this 5 years ago

    Ditto of what URAMoron said. When are you crazy radicals going to buy yourselves a dictionary and look up the word socialism? Do you have any idea how ignorant you sound when you call Obama a socialist? And a paragraph here and there would be nice.

  • who cares what it's called 5 years ago

    How on earth can anyone be angry with Obama when he is truly trying to help the people. The only thing the GOP did was put us in debt by putting us in a war that was stupid to begin with. The socialist thing I don't think is a bad idea if used in the areas that would help, I do believe we are giving away to much free money, our economy can't handle much more. I think the health care idea was a great one, I don't understand why the GOP thinks it is bad. I would like health care, I pay for the politicians health care , I pay for the poors health care but I can't afford health care for myself. It is either eat or have health care for me and I already work 12 hrs a day so I can't get another job to pay for it. I think everyone should just calm down and do the right thing.

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