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Is Obama's Socialism pushing us to a political Civil War?

Obama pondering Health Care Reform
Obama pondering Health Care Reform
AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais


  • URAMoron 6 years ago

    #1. Look up socialism
    #2. Look up Obstructionism
    #3. Who said you can write?! Have you ever heard of indentation? Paragraphs? Sentence structure?!
    Go drink some more of the GOP Hate Elixir. And One More Thing: The Tea Party couldn't organize their way out of a panty raid; they are going to split the vote and let Dems win again in 2012. Bye Bye GOP Hatemonger

  • drill this 6 years ago

    Ditto of what URAMoron said. When are you crazy radicals going to buy yourselves a dictionary and look up the word socialism? Do you have any idea how ignorant you sound when you call Obama a socialist? And a paragraph here and there would be nice.

  • who cares what it's called 6 years ago

    How on earth can anyone be angry with Obama when he is truly trying to help the people. The only thing the GOP did was put us in debt by putting us in a war that was stupid to begin with. The socialist thing I don't think is a bad idea if used in the areas that would help, I do believe we are giving away to much free money, our economy can't handle much more. I think the health care idea was a great one, I don't understand why the GOP thinks it is bad. I would like health care, I pay for the politicians health care , I pay for the poors health care but I can't afford health care for myself. It is either eat or have health care for me and I already work 12 hrs a day so I can't get another job to pay for it. I think everyone should just calm down and do the right thing.

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