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Is Obama Nobel Peace Prize prelude to extraterrestrial disclosure?

Obama Peace Prize Declaration
Chair of Norwegian Nobel Committee with Obama photo Photo: AP

President Obama was today awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts to promote a nuclear weapons free world, and diplomatic outreach to the Muslim world. In an announcement released this morning, the Norwegian Nobel Committee declared: “the Nobel Peace Prize for 2009 is to be awarded to President Barack Obama for his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples. The Committee has attached special importance to Obama's vision of and work for a world without nuclear weapons.” Obama will travel to Oslo on December 10 to receive the Prize. His upcoming Oslo speech and enhanced international status give Obama the ideal opportunity to announce to the world the most ground breaking peace initiative of all time. The announcement of intelligent extraterrestrial life visiting the Earth and the need to enter into peaceful relations with them.  

Obama’s efforts to promote a nuclear free world was first announced on April 5, 2009, in Prague, the Czech Republic, when he declared: “So today, I state clearly and with conviction America's commitment to seek the peace and security of a world without nuclear weapons. Two months later on June 4, Obama gave a ground breaking speech in Cairo, Egypt where he said: “I've come here to Cairo to seek a new beginning between the United States and Muslims around the world, one based on mutual interest and mutual respect, and one based upon the truth that America and Islam are not exclusive and need not be in competition.  Instead, they overlap, and share common principles -- principles of justice and progress; tolerance and the dignity of all human beings.”

Together with other initiatives promoting international diplomacy and cooperation, the Norwegian Nobel Committee thought that these were sufficient for awarding a Peace Prize, even though accomplishments in the policy arena have still to be attained. In his first remarks on the Peace Prize from the White House, President Obama recognized this: "I do not view it as a recognition of my own accomplishments but rather an affirmation of American leadership on behalf of aspirations held by people in all nations,"  One of these aspirations is for the truth to be revealed about extraterrestrial life that is increasingly a subject of speculation as the number of UFO sightings reach unprecedented levels.

 President Obama has a number of advisors and Cabinet officials who are familiar with the existence of extraterrestrial life, and the six decades long cover up of the reality behind UFOs. These include his Director of National Intelligence, Dennis Blair; his National Security Advisor, James Jones; his Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton; his Director of Central Intelligence, Leon Panetta; and his NASA administrator, Charles Bolden. These officials have at various stages received briefings, either formally or informally, concerning extraterrestrial life. Behind the scenes of the Obama administration, there has been an ongoing attempt to lay the foundations for disclosure of extraterrestrial life, possibly as soon as the end of this year.

 On February 12, 2008, it was first announced that the United Nations had began a series of meetings where UFOs and extraterrestrial life were secretly discussed. 2009 was agreed to be a year of openness on UFOs, but UN diplomats were pressured to keep this new policy a secret. The new “openness policy” on UFOs has been evident ever since with the widespread global media coverage of UFOs; and nations such as France, Britain, Mexico, Brazil and Denmark releasing previously classified UFO files. The ground work has been laid for going to the next step beyond UFO openness; that is, formal disclosure of extraterrestrial life. Such an announcement, if it emerges, would focus on the advanced technology of extraterrestrial visitors, and the peaceful relations needing to be established. As the newly crowned Nobel Peace Prize winner, President Obama will have the necessary prestige and opportunity in Oslo to announce to the world the truth about extraterrestrial life. Doing so would open up the ultimate peace frontier - peaceful relations with galactic visitors.

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  • Jack Sheppard 5 years ago

    Although it would be a great opportunity for Obama, to make his intentions known that et does exist.It would not be in his interest at all.

    Too much has been put on his shoulders at the moment.This Nobel award may have put it back somewhat.An award to keep him busy,away from the good intentions of disclosure.

    An award that nominated him 11 days after he entered office.Very strange don't you think.

    Why do we need his approval any way?
    Old ways of thinking Mr Salla, a new strategy is needed.
    Just go tell everyone that you meet, that it "has" been disclosed,I am sure the word will get around.
    I am also sure that you will be able to come up with some ideas.
    I my self, do not need a government to tell me that et exists.
    Just like I know the aboriginal tribes exist,yet I haver never seen them.

    Regards Jack

  • James Black 5 years ago

    We know already that Exopoliticians need to keep things going on. For this, they use events that have nothing to do with Ufology, and try to make them look as related.
    Here we have an example of what we say: Dr. Salla writes: "The announcement of intelligent extraterrestrial life visiting the Earth and the need to enter into peaceful relations with them. "
    First, there is no evidence of extraterrestrial life visiting Earth. Second, IF the UFO phenomenon is originated in these "visitors", nothing shows that "tehy" want to have peaceful relations with us. On the contrary, Alfred Webre, another Exopolitician, wrote that the Aliens have abducted one billon people.
    So, if the government have something to say( I don't think so) the President will need to recognize that we are INVADED by HOSTILE aliens.
    As we know well, there is no possibility that President Obama or any other authority will recognize this fact (or factoid).
    Perhaps it's time to do some serious research, Dr. Salla.

  • Test 5 years ago


  • Richie Suraci 5 years ago

    This is an absurd conjecture placed in this article to correlated ET disclosure and Obama's NPP. There is no reason at all to formulate disclosure with this award.

    These articles are starting to turn off people who read them with these silly ways to try and convince people about ET existence, disclosure and becoming more like a semi logical tabloid approach full of sweat smelling smokey logic and a ridiculous approach to the truth.

    There are so many packs of lies behind government press releases and reports from the governments PR that it would be hard to beleive anyway.

  • Bill Cain 5 years ago

    The only thing more ridiculous than Obama receiving a "peace prize" after escaling a war in Afghanistan is to think he'd make an ET disclosure announcement at the presenration.

    Who writes this stuff?

  • Get Real 5 years ago

    What is Ufology anyway and who decides that this is not part of it.
    Only skeptics and Non Believers .
    What better place to disclose this .

  • Huh? 5 years ago

    I'm a pretty well educated person, but I'm not grasping the connection here.

  • DeusEx 5 years ago


  • Dano 5 years ago

    It is not about connections, but propaganda - hoping it will some how force "disclosure". (A "disclosure" likely to be quite empty if only a 9 foot human looking "alien" shows up at the press conference without his ultra advanced space propelled vehicle landing near by.) But our controllers are extremely unlikely to announce "disclosure" because the last thing they want is the people clamoring for ultra advanced vehicle propulsion systems - and other things. (Hey, we know this stuff is out there - right?) Can you imagine our guys flying these things for a mere 17K salary per year? See the movie Capitalism: A Love Story. Trust me, we got much bigger problems than "disclosure".

  • Brian Morin 5 years ago

    Thank you Mr. Jack Sheppard;

    Your comments were refreshing. I want to disclose to you now that, not only do the aboriginal tribes exist, and I haven't seen them, but so do the extraterrestrial races exist. This is my disclosure project.

    I am willing and ready to engage in any heart felt communications with any and all beings that are willing to do the same. I would start with the people on this planet, as we are the ones that need much guidance in the ways of cooperation.

    Once all the lying ends on this planet, everything will become clearer. What I am saying, may or may not be politically correct, but more importantly it is clear, and transparent. Can you say "Clear and Transparent" Mr. Obama, Dr. Sala???

    One thing I know for sure, there aren't very many people that know very much!!!

    Good luck in your search for truth. On this planet, in this dimension, you'll need it...

    First Rule of PsyWar: Convince the Enemy (ie., We, The People) that There Is No War... - Sun

  • Clay Pickering 5 years ago

    The February 12, 2008 United Nation's meeting was indeed the first opening in the process for disclosure. We have every reason to think this dialog is continuing with both foreign and domestic counterparts who are seeking a groundwork in order to reveal the phenomena. We think that this process extends to Obama and his cabinet in which the public and the UFO community are not aware. There is much back-channeling happening even as I write this. THIS WE ARE SURE!

  • Terry Lamb 5 years ago

    It would be about time!!
    If you ever need Art & Design, please view my work...I've done a lot of Covers for David Hatcher Childress and other Authors of note in the Exopolitical realm!

  • N1Knows 5 years ago

    It makes political sense for the Nobel Prize to be awarded to the President of the US. - Especially when he's suffering racism from the American public. It would also make sense for the Nobel Committee to encourage the image that Obama is pursuing a Nuclear weapons free world and peace with Islam. However....To suddenly assume that this would be a 'prelude to extraterrestrial disclosure' is insane. You may as well be jumping to the conclusion that he would be announcing the return of Jesus. Please Salla, stop being unreasonable and put down that pot pipe.

  • DoesntMatter 5 years ago

    Dr Salla,

    Firstly, this 'disclosure' we're talking about has been happening for a long time. Unfortunately, like all important geopolitical events on this planet, it's saturated in bs. An "official disclosure" would certainly be interesting, but it would no doubt be a dog-and-pony show with potentially damaging results.

    What will the U.N. tell us? Here is what I would expect is happening if they're taking the issue seriously...

    1) err.. did we go to the Moon?
    2) umm... did we 'fake' the presence of aliens sometimes?
    3) uhh... so we secretly mastered all the technology?
    4) ehh... and we've already made weapons out of everything?

    there are so many uncomfortable debates that arise from a UN discussion about aliens... that it's is simply going to be a PR campaign.

    Which 'aliens' are we even talking about? "Inter-dimensional", "Extraterrestrial", somethings that have always been here?, "Humans from other planets", "reptilians" etc

    This can be officially spun however th

  • DoesntMatter 5 years ago


    The introduction of new technology is also a great thing. But what we are seeing (Steven Greer) is simply the attempt by the military-industrial-complex to keep the tech within its 'domain' during the inevitable "disclosure"

    As our excitement levels come down; we'll see that we're still in the same BS as before.

    I am a firm believer the the Multiverse (or whatever) is FULL of life just by reading and hearing incredible stories (most incredible of which have been written in ancient scripts).

    So; we shouldn't have to 'rely' on these official disclosures; most likely they will be totally spun.

    Truth is out there for anyone who is interested. Although it's easy to get caught up in the negativity of the situation; the most positive aspects are everywhere to be seen as well.

    I would say everyone should be personally aware of the entire situation before listening to any disclosure (if they even care about the subject).

  • DoesntMatter 5 years ago

    ... cont

    Universities would have been the perfect vehicle to disseminate real information about space, reality, earth, etc; but instead it is simply a "culture factory" that disseminates very basic information (for most topics) and charges high rates in the process.

    I had more faith in Universities until I spent a year skipping class and reading about things independently. Then it dawned on me that Universities have become like the media; they've each got their own 'truth' and with one year of independent study you could learn more than a 100 year old man has ever learned.

    In the end; everybody has the resources to make up their own mind. And if we believe what we're told we need to make sure we don't get duped.

    Will the U.N. reveal anything about ancient interactions? Probably not. It's a hairy subject. Another subject universites fail to adequately explain.

  • DoesntMatter 5 years ago


    This 'shrouded in darkness' feeling most people have about geopolitical events is really easy to understand when you tell them its always been like this.

    So... it could be argued we're not getting 'dumber', but we're evolving at an unbelievably high rate. (Well... 50/50) =)

    This alarms some, and their idea of a solution is mass genocide. Wars are essentially mass sacrifices, and leaders are basically collaborators; the world is a theatre.

    To think there is any stability in our lives as we hurl through space fighting with each other is just wrong; yet most people aren't concerned about anything besides Starbucks, the newspaper, and their job.

    How do you wake people up to everything? Is it even possible?


  • DoesntMatter 5 years ago

    ... although I have to say I think you're doing a fine job.

    (this article is slightly less 'fine' in my opinion but whatever =)

    The few academics who still have any intellectual curiosity left are coming forward one by one to wrestle this matter down into our reality.

    It should be any academicians dream to be able to research such astounding material... instead we have textbook robots dictating reality to others.

    Prof Allen Tough was fired from Univ. of Toronto for mentioning aliens... if im not mistaken.

  • terran_1 5 years ago

    Obie wan here won the Nobel Peace Prize due to a "Cult of Personality". Obie wan has achieved NOTHING...and he has won this supposedly esteemed award..???? He is an empty shirt...disclosure will not happen under his administration unless WE the people make this a true political issue.

  • Shol'va 5 years ago

    Two simple words: Forget it.
    At least for the next centuries. Humanity in its wholeness is far not ready for any extraordinary knowledge. And that's not a guess.

  • N1Knows 5 years ago

    @Shol'va: - If you don't mind me asking....What do you mean "that's not a guess"? - Can you elaborate a bit more on why it's 'not a guess'? Thanks.

  • Shol'va 5 years ago

    My statements express exactly the reality. The disclosure process has been started on a supranational level about two decades ago and it will be completed within a couple of centuries. In the most optimistic case, of course. Since there are other things in this package - ordinary people have not even a dim idea about - that have the potential to turn upside down our whole economy, to cause severe religious and social disruptions and to jeopardize the existing military balance, disclosure is a cautiously conducted slow process and not a sudden event. Of course, there are many attention-seekers and exo-ufoistic snake-oil sellers out there in the wild, who regularly come forward with all sorts of 'shocking-secret truths'. However, all these wrong claims can be easily debunked, since they are inconsitent. People should learn again to trust their governments. They have the oversight and they assert dangerous technologies (we have for a while) do not end up in the wrong hands.

  • J R Leming 5 years ago

    After reading the above, the only thing I am certain of is that there are too many folks with far too much free time and not nearly enough of a dedicated thinking process. To wit: our last (and I hate to use the term) President moved into an 'exclusive' community that had a rule issued by him that the only 'black folks' allowed in would be 'service personnel'. Do you think any race of people could understand the concept of disclosure when they still fight with the term segregation? Having to rebuild the Constitution won't leave much time for disclosure.

  • zach 5 years ago

    bought time

  • mike 5 years ago

    to most of u that comment here, u dont even give the benefit of doubt, for change, for many years what u have thought and told to be truths, will change, we are all one, we are the ones we have been waiting for. some of us already know, its all up to us to make it happen, namaste

  • patrick humbert 5 years ago

    Mr Salla how do you expect the pupet of the Rotchilds gangsters to be a man of peace when he is continuing Bush line and mass killing civilians...If the ET finally showed up i will want all those criminals in white shirts to be given a fair trial and spend the rest of their life in confinement and physicall work for the communauty..Obama certainly should be one of those....They should be judged not upon their words but upon their deeds..!!
    Aloha from down under


  • onthedot 5 years ago

    I want to believe, Scully. I have heard similar information, but how can you write so many things as a matter of fact without citing sources? The article is screaming for basic journalistic treatment.

  • k 5 years ago

    Que dios se apiade de nosotros.

  • John 5 years ago

    In the end I'm not confident in anything I say. So I am just going to keep what I say simple.

    Watch the stars! Map them. Find another earth. Explore. Discover. Think. Build. Imagine.

  • Wouter 5 years ago

    I believe in the changes that are taking place and I believe that soon we are gonna receive more news on this. I however do not believe that we are ready for 'peaceful' talks with extraterrestrial visitors. We cannot even keep peace within our own world. If Obama really wants peace, he wouldn't send troops to Afghanistan but he would send medical care workers! Something is just not right...

  • davinci 5 years ago

    The V series is coming true

  • MrWDevil 5 years ago

    People We Were Never Alone Just Get That!!!

  • odila 5 years ago

    Se já estão aqui, o que fazer, bem vindos.
    Se não estão,ainda, continuaremos a procura pelo universo.
    The "disclosure" is uma ilusion!

  • DBDB 5 years ago

    Although there is extraterrestrial intelligence, it would never allow Obama to be it's spokesperson. Rediculous!

  • lawl 5 years ago

    You people are idiots... "peaceful relations with galactic visitors"? Yeah right, they're going to kick our asses.

  • liz 5 years ago

    i think that disclosure would be a good thing and that people are ready for it. we have seen it all on tv and in the movies. i know i'm ready to here the truth about e.t.s and any other creature, like bigfoot. i don't know if obama is the man for the job though. he seems kinda powerless in this situation. i think hillary clinton might be the one who spills the beans but we will have to wait and see. hopefully it will happen with this administration though. i've sent the president emails on this subject and urge everyone else to do the same. the support he receives the better. he may even force the fed to fess up and we can get a better understanding of where the u.s. stands in the world economy. better technologies could come from this too. i only see the positives of supporting obama since he is going to be the pres. for a while. lets cut the chains that tie he down and see if he brings the changes he promised and insight into the secret world of the feds and men in black.

  • Carlos 5 years ago

    Gotta see it to believe it. E.T Life? C´mon people , its just a way to take away the focus on real stuff: Irak - afghan wars, economic collapse, end of capitalism, millions jobless and foodless, riots on the streets...what better way to dupe people than E.T? PULEEZE!!!!

  • Carlos 5 years ago

    Gotta see it to believe it. E.T Life? C´mon people , its just a way to take away the focus on real stuff: Irak - afghan wars, economic collapse, end of capitalism, millions jobless and foodless, riots on the streets...what better way to dupe people than E.T? PULEEZE!!!!

  • AL 5 years ago

    Seen no proof of Santa, decided at the age of seven that he didn't exist.
    Seen no proof of Easter Bunny, don't think I ever believed in him.
    Seen no proof of aliens visiting earth, have drawn same conclusion.

    I can tell you though that this is one of the funniest article titles I have ever read.......this is "The Onion" worthy.

    Also, folks, if you are spending hours a day surfing the web for "facts" confirming these "truths" you can do wonders for your karma by spending a bit of time visiting the elderly or maybe adopting a pet from an animal shelter and giving them a nice home and some love.

  • ? 5 years ago

    What a bunch of ? balls!

    Thanx folks, I needed to good laff. I thought I was going to pee myself (again) cause I laffed so hard.

  • MsMoeRising 5 years ago

    I was not immediately taken by Mr. Obama, but listened carefully and felt he really did care for humanity. I had an opportunity to attend a rally for him with many pictures. All doubt left my mind concerning "Is he the right man for the many task at hand?" when I saw the picture of him bathed in a crystalin pink light. This is the red of passion and the purity of white combined into the pink of unconditional Love. He is not a god and most of all not a savior, yet he is the right man for the job of leading us into the future. Personally I keep him in that pink light. As to the ET's many of them are going to be just as surprised to find out that there really is life on Earth as some of us will be to find out there really are ET's!I image their headlines back home might read "Allien Life on distant planet soon to be offically anounced!" Some where else it might read "Our Childern are Waking Up!" ET's are not gods nor saviors. Asking r they good or bad is like asking r humans good or bad?

  • Kevin 5 years ago

    Is Obama Nobel Peace Prize prelude to extraterrestrial disclosure?

    No thats retarded, only retarded Micheal Sala would believe that.

  • macarthur 5 years ago

    is obama really gonna anounce to the whole world the existance of ufo if so when

  • Nanker Phelge 5 years ago

    Obozo is the NWO house negro. He keeps fit by bowing to foreign dictators.

  • John 5 years ago

    What if the disclosure reveals that we are all the aliens, only some are more alien than others? Who would believe in that, when they have Glen Beck and Rush Limbo to tell them what to think and reflect back to them their values, when the very people they think are going to save them, are out to screw them royally in the end? So, look no further than your own mirror for an alien race who doesn't act as though it belongs on this planet and thinks nothing of destroying it's own nest. Sounds like an alien race to me. Go ahead and laugh...

  • cipher 5 years ago

    I've said for years now that if "global warming" proves to be insufficient, the global agenda-ists will play their trump card for "world governance"--ie. alien invasion--or "V" for visitors. (Interesting timing, that TV show!) Question: were all those "reliable witnesses" who reported UFO sightings over the past many decades only gov't/media "seedings" for our brains to accept alien presence here? Unquestionably there is other life "out there"--somewhere. But also the "global agenda" has been in the workings AT LEAST since WWI, and probably much earlier. So is this just a trump card? Maybe, tho, the "ET's"are really here--and if so, who knows their real intentions? "Good guys" and "bad guys" exist in outer space just as they do here--and BOTH sides lie, deceive, use subterfuge and mis-and dis-information to conceal their real objectives. Stay awake--watch and listen--"what's that sound? Everyone look what's goin' down."

  • Reality Check 5 years ago

    Salla - you need to lay off the hash and get a REAL JOB! You go back nearly 10 years about disclosure and not a damn thing has happened. Every year you say the same thing.

    Go back to selling books and tapes to people at UFO get-alongs.

    Ph.D? in what? DUNG?

    101% Certified NUT JOB. I heard a rumor that you are banging David Wilcock?

  • lil bit 5 years ago

    As a child, the whole caveman vs Adam & Eve didn't make sense to me.Which came 1st? How could 2 people populate the entire world w/out massive inbreeding? We've never seen Christ, but many believe,based on faith. People, en masse have seen UFOs, but only military personel are given any credibility as witnesses. Which just proves that ordinary folks don't matter, will believe whatever they're told and will continue to buy into anything our govt tells us. Crop circles are made with wood & rope and Aliens are nice. Yea, right. P.S. Al, I do give 2 days a wk to women in wheelchairs and have 3 shelter I get karma kudos?

  • Ev 5 years ago

    The naysayers are up to their old/boring tricks. Stop the fake laughing and years of hiding from the reality of alien presence. Thankfully and hopefully it will come to light. We need their actual help with eons of hating each other and wars! Obama has the composure and courage!

  • Katzo 5 years ago

    Hey Reality Check, you need to ask yourself a simple question, if the government does not entertain the fact of alien beings and crafts from other planets, where exactly did the 180 Trillion U.S Dollars go since the 1960's which was officially budgeted for this exact issue, primary name "Project Blue Book" ? You and many others like you can sit on your butts doing nothing all day as usual because when our 2 DNA strands return to its normal 12 strands the power of the planets will be at out fingertips.