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Is Obama intentionally trying to destroy America?


The Obama presidency has become so...I can't even think of an adjective, he may be inventing a new one. Here's a deal, an Army deserter who joins the enemy is traded for several top enemy commanders? You couldn't think of a worse war time decision. It's like sacrificing a rook, bishop and then throw in the queen for a pawn that got chummy with your opponent's other pawns. You'd think the sole reason for doing the deal was to hold hands and hug his washed up hippy parents in the Rose Garden, which he did.

But Obama has the advantage of doing this sort of thing every single week. Just when we are outraged over some asinine move he goes ahead and brings asinine to a bold new level. Soon the word will be out of existence because no one would be able to live up to the Obama standard. We soon become weary and tired of the whole thing. Oh, the IRS lost a massive batch of emails concerning their harassment of Obama's "enemies" (his words). Oh well.

Let's get some answers into the IRS....boom, Iraq is about to be toppled because Obama thought they could handle things on their own. How about the abject lawlessness of allowing thousands of illegal aliens into the country to a point of aiding and abetting the whole thing. You start forgetting what happened last week, the week before, any one of which would embroil a Republican administration for 18 months with endless nightly news stories.

Obama is supposed to enforce the law and protect the country. His actions are the very opposite of both, the only question now is it intentional. What do we do, call the president cops to arrest him? There is no such thing. Fast and Furious Attorney General, Eric Holder (remember that one?) is as contemptuous of the law as he is. In short, they are above the law, it is what they say it is.

What is most striking is witnessing the Obama's irrational defenders. There is nothing left to say of this crowd other than for the first time in American history we get to see how it is first hand how the likes of Hitler or Mussolini had such strong passionate support of the public (yes, it's time to deploy ad hominem ad Hitlerism). Nothing this guy does is bad, in fact it is all good. As long as they share a common hatred of Republicans and the rich, everything is all good. They are the new Jews. If it is something they are against, then all the better. Do the opposite Destroy the county if you will. That should anger Republican white people, no?