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Is Obama 'Deporter-in-Chief'? 'Champion-in-Chief'? How about 'Liar-in-Chief'?

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President Obama, the master of audacity, has been taking plenty of heat in recent days for what illegal aliens and their water carriers in Congress are alleging to be his "record" deportations.

The Economist, one of Britain's leading left-wing rags, called him the Deporter-in-Chief and accused him of dancing to the music of "nativist" Republicans.

Obama's not having any of this, and the man who promised us all "hope and change," including the 20 million jobless Americans who are the real victims of our "broken" immigration policy, hit back:

"Since I ran for president, I've pushed for comprehensive immigration reform, and I will continue to push," Obama said. "I am the champion-in-chief of comprehensive immigration reform. But until Congress passes new laws, I am constrained in what I am able to do."

And later:

"The reason you have deportations taking place is that Congress says you have to enforce these laws," Obama said at the Newseum. "I cannot ignore those laws any more than I can ignore any other laws on the books."

Somewhere the late Barbara Jordan, who chaired President Clinton's immigration reform commission and told Congress that people had to be deported if our immigration policy was to have credibility, must be gagging.

Speaking of credibility, what are Americans supposed to think of this president who says he is bound by the Constitution to enforce all laws but uses "prosecutorial discretion" for political gain and circumvents immigration laws created to protect the American people and their jobs?

Call Obama what you will, but when considering your options for the proper descriptor, you should include the word liar.