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Is Nuclear Power A Viable Intermediate?

While there have been many great technological leaps in the progression of green energy sources such as wind and solar power, it will be a great number of years before they can completely replace our reliance of fossil fuels. Perhaps the best option in the near-term future is the use of nuclear power? Lets take a look at the issue:

Nuclear power is a quick fix?

Not necessarily, it would take a great number of years to build the infrastructure to support a nuclear-powered society especially in first-world developing countries. Not to mention the political issues that would have to be hurdled to allow certain countries to posses the necessary uranium for fuel.

Nuclear fuel is clean?

While there is a significant reduction of emission created by a nuclear plant as opposed to a fossil fuel plant, there will still be byproducts. Not to mention the uranium still has to be mined from the crust of the earth. Even wind and solar energy solution require material which come from the earth. We must evaluated each option thoroughly before we can make a decision on the "best" one.

Is finding the best source of energy the best option?

Or does it lie somewhere else? While we have been focusing on producing cheaper, greener energy, the real solution might be in reducing the amount that we need. Steps in making homes more energy efficient and finding ways to produce enough food with less resources.

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