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Is Nene Leakes "Turning Up" for Coins on BRAVO?

Is Nene Leakes "Turning Up" for Coins on BRAVO?
Is Nene Leakes "Turning Up" for Coins on BRAVO?

This season has not been ground breaking for Nene Leakes on the Real Housewives of Atlanta. After a lackluster year with so many expectations, Nene finds herself in the same position that she was in a few years ago. But now-enter her ego. Remember what Nene said,

"I am very rich, b*tch."

In 2013 Nene Leakes who was born, Linnethia Monique Johnson, set the world on FIRE between her roles on The New Normal, Glee and Real Housewives as well as her wedding show on Bravo, "I Dream of Nene." We all had high expectations of Mrs. Linnethia Leakes. I mean she was on the cover of Ebony Magazine dipped in Diamonds.

But this season Nene has gone from being the FAB Favorite of the Housewife Franchise based out of almost She by Sheree-ish. She seems to be snootier than neccesary and as of late her hate on Crazy Kenya Moore has been palatable.

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So let me voice my realest and most honest opinions on Mrs. Leakes:

Nene thought that she was going to go gracefully into the reality tv night and score a LOT more real acting jobs. Leaving her reality tv House wife sista's behind...but life did not go as planned. The New Normal was cancelled and well we all know what's going on with Glee. So she finds herself back where she started...and realizing that to keep her current lifestyle and even her job on RHOA that she better turn up for coins. If you are not sure what "turn up for coins" means please recall her behavior this past week as she sashayed around the hotel room nearly naked in front of the entire cast of the Real Housewives of Atlanta....and in the end inciting a REAL Jerry Springer style fight.

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Can you believe that these grown and wealthy men ended up jumping on one man? It was actually shameful. But yes we were watching, tea cups full.

Back to Nene. Yes, she is turning up for coins. But that is nothing new, she met her husband in a strip club. Not bringing up old stuff...she says it herself. So she does what she has to do to keep those Red Bottoms rocking and Moscato flowing. While I cannot blame her-I am a little disappointed.

What say you?

Has Nene Leaks behavior been Classy (because she needs to support her lifestyle) or Trashy (because she should be better than that by now!)?

Weigh In with your comments!

Classily Yours,

Sharelle D. Lowery

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