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Is NeNe Leakes done with Real Housewives of Atlanta?

NeNe Leakes attends Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week
Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for Mercedes-Benz

NeNe Leakes is one of Bravo's most popular celebrities. The Real Housewives of Atlanta cast member was a fan favorite from the begining of the series. She is also the highest paid person in the Housewife franchise. One would think NeNe would be greatful to the network and the show that brought her fame and fortune. However, it seems NeNe is over it.

NeNe was the first Housewife to appear on Celebrity Apprentice on NBC. Her performance was average, but the drama she caused was outrageous. NeNe fought constantly with Star Jones. When she had enough of the stress of the show she walked out. NeNe let down her charity and her team mates.

Mrs. Leakes didn't think anything of being a quitter. In the season premier of Real Housewives of Atlanta that followed her appearence on Celebrity Apprentince NeNe took co-star Sherre Whitfield to task. NeNe bragged that she was a rich bitch who cashes Trump checks. NeNe was always a bully with a big ego and it was about to get worse.

Last season we saw NeNe working in Los Angeles as an actress. She let the rest of the cast know she was top dog. NeNe took the other housewives to task for being 3 hours late to her dinner party in the Hollywood Hills. NeNe herself is guilty of being late but apparently her shortcommings should be overlooked. She was 2 hours late to an event honoring her, and then was angry that Kim Zolciak didn't want to stay.

This season NeNe has taken her diva act too far. NeNe is not currently working as an actress. She needed to find a way to be relevant. She refused to appear in Kandi Buruss' musical because she doesn't need the money. In this week's episode NeNe begrudgingly attended Kenya Moore's masqarade ball and gave a very short and curt speech before storming off. NeNe doesn't have anything to bring to the table and she knows it. Her actions show her insecurities. He acting career crashed and burned as soon as it started.

NeNe is currently working on some different types of projects to earn income. She is producing 3 reality shows and creating her own clothing line. It's great that her show is a platform for her to branch out. Maybe now she will humble herself to appreciate what she has at Bravo.

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