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Is Microsoft about to re-enter the wearable race

10 years ago, before there was an android, Redmond-based Microsoft came out with an early smartwatch dubbed SPOT(smart personal objects technology). The problem was that they relied FM(frequency modulation) for data transmission. SPOT never caught on with the masses and soon went away. This October the Redmond-based giant is rumored to be ready to re-enter the smartphone race.

Earlier this year, in an article, Forbes cited various sources saying that Microsoft's smartwatch will be compatible with Windows-based, android-based smartphones and the iPhone. If the rumors are true it would fit in with the new philosophy, that CEO Satya Nadella has brought into the company, of diversity. The first sign of this new philosophy was shown in March of this year when Microsoft released office for iPad.

“We are absolutely committed to making our applications run what most people describe as cross-platform,” Mr. Nadella was quoted as saying in the Independent. “There’s no holding back of anything. It is about being able to excel everywhere our customers are.”

There are many details about the rumored smartwatch other then it will have 11 sensors that will most likely monitor pulse rates and other fitness levels. As for what the smartwatch will look like there is some speculation ranging from something similar to Nike's Fuelband to the LG G smartwatch that was recently unveiled at the Google I/O conference.

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