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Is Michael Jackson Really A Child Molester?

Le Chanteur Michael Jackson

Once again, King of Pop Michael Jackson has been accused of having sex with a minor. 36-year-old James Safechuck is now suing the Michael Jackson estate based on allegations that Jackson abused him when he was a boy.

Safechuck claims that Jackson even had codes for when he wanted to have sex with Safechuck. He reports that when he accompanied Jackson to Paris during the 1988 “Bad” tour, that Jackson used code words, calling an erection “bright lights, stick city,” and referring to semen as “duck butter.” Safechuck also alleges that Jackson used a finger to scratch the inside of Safechuck's hand when he wanted to have sex.

From a secret wedding ceremony to watching child porn with Jackson, Safechuck has waited till adulthood to make these allegations. He even claims that Jackson lost interest in sex with him when Safechuck reached puberty. According to Howard Weitzman, attorney for the MJ's estate, the suit ought to be dropped because the allegations are over 20 years old. He also claimed that Safechuck has testified under oath that the allegations weren't true.

It makes one's head spin how, no matter what really happened, someone is always trying to take advantage of celebrities such as Jackson. Even almost 30 years ago, Jackson's supposed hired help claimed that they saw Jackson put his hands in a young boy's undergarment. And on and on it goes. Friend Donald Trump has sided with Jackson, insisting that the King of Pop could never have molested any children. Only those close to Trump and Jackson may know the truth, so others always have something to say about Jackson without really knowing him.

When Jackson married Lisa Marie Presley, there was no end to perfect strangers insisting it was a scam, and that he only got married in an effort to put an end to people saying he was gay. No wonder Presley has asserted on talk shows that they slept in the same bed.

And how about the person who claimed he saw Jackson naked, and that one half of his body was still dark-skinned?! If that isn't one for the books! No matter what the truth is, people will just believe what they want to believe, as if in an effort to fill in the blanks.

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