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Is MERS-CoV a real threat in the United States?

Is MERS-CoV a threat to U.S. Citizens?
Is MERS-CoV a threat to U.S. Citizens? by Sarej

Recently in the news, it has been documented that three people from the United States have contracted the MERS-CoV or Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus. The third person who tested positive for MERS on May 16, 2014 has not shown any signs of illness at this point and according to the CDC, it is because he developed antibodies to fight the virus.

Two of the first people infected with MERS had recently traveled to Saudi Arabia where it is believed they caught the virus. Both were healthcare workers and the third one was a business associate of the first person who got the virus.

In the Middle East, MERS is much more common because it is said that the virus possibly originated from the Egyptian tomb bat that is located in the Middle East and then transferred to camels. One person, not in the U.S., that fell ill with MERS had recent contact with camels and drank camel milk.

Currently there is no treatment, cure or vaccine for MERS. The man who tested positive for the virus but did not show any signs of illness is a good sign that humans can develop antibodies to fight it. There are ways for people to increase production of antibodies by eating certain foods.

Oranges and other foods high in vitamin C are great for increasing antibodies. In addition, foods high in Zinc like turkey, mushrooms and oysters help increase antibody production. Garlic is in an excellent food to increase antibodies because it multiplies antibodies and makes them stronger by inducing white blood cells to reproduce. Salmon and flaxseed oil are superb sources of Omega-3, which boosts antibody protection by multiplying phagocytes, a type of white blood cell.

Proper nutrition is and always has been the best way stay healthy and avoid getting sick. The human body is made to fight viruses, diseases and bacteria. Feeding your body essential nutrients is the best way to increase your body’s natural defense system. There are lots of foods that improve your immune system, find out what they are here.

Therefore, if you want to keep yourself from getting MERS or any other harmful virus, avoid traveling to places like Saudi Arabia, unless necessary. If possible, try to avoid contact with people who have recently traveled to the Middle East, and eat a healthy well-balanced diet full of foods that increase antibodies in your body.

Research is still being conducted on MERS-CoV and hopefully scientists will find a way to control and successfully treat the virus soon. Since only three people in the United States have been infected with the virus, it is not likely a serious threat to U.S. citizens. Read more about MERS-CoV here.

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