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Is Matteo Guidicelli using Sarah Geronimo for his own good?

Sarah Geronimo, Matteo Guidicelli

Last night, Aug. 19, 2014, Matteo Guidicelli, the hunk actor who captured the hearts of popsters because of Sarah Geronimo together with his co-stars in Regal Entertainment, Inc.’s “Somebody To Love” went out and attended the scheduled premier night at SM Mega Mall Cinema 9. As expected, even though she is supporting her boyfriend, Sarah chose not to attend the event, but despite her absence, some observers especially popsters say the event was a huge success.

In an interview with reporters several days ago, Matteo confirmed that his girlfriend will not go with him, but he clarified that Sarah Geronimo is really planning to watch “Somebody To Love.” Some observers believe that the presence of his girlfriend at the red carpet premier will attract viewers especially popsters, unfortunately, it did not happen because Matteo and Sarah decided not to entertain the idea.

Well, he is doing the right thing because if the pop star attended the event held last night at SM Mega Mall Cinema 9, some observers will say the actor-athlete is using Sarah Geronimo for his own good. That is one thing that Matteo Guidicelli doesn’t want to hear because he is doing everything to protect his relationship with the pop star.

In “Somebody To Love,” he will be seen kissing Isabelle Daza. The local media asked him if he allow his girlfriend Sarah Geronimo to watch the particular scene. He told them that he will allow his girlfriend to watch the kissing scene, but he jokingly added that he will blindfold Sarah Geronimo when it comes up. Meanwhile, he is still hoping that he and Sarah could watch the movie together when they are both free.

Right now, according to Matteo, the pop star is busy doing her projects with ABS-CBN. After this movie, the hunk actor who is also doing everything for his princess will shoot “Flight 666,” an episode for the movie “Shake, Rattle and Roll XV" according to Mother Lily of Regal Entertainment Inc.

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