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Is Marvel Phasing Out The Traditional Comic Book?

Are the days of the classic printed comic book over...?
Art by A.J. DiChiara after Kirby

They say all good thing must come to an end, and so it goes to reason that in this digital age, the old fashioned comic book's days are numbered. In fact there have been articles and posts circulating around the internet that Marvel Comics will be phasing out their printed comic books, replacing them with all digital versions that you can download.

These posts point out that Marvel has been moving more and more to digital distribution and that they have pulled their comic books from traditional book stores. Although that is true, it is also true that traditional book stores have been going out of business. That being said, the book stores that are open still have comic books on their racks in the magazine section— I was at my local Barnes & Noble last night and picked up a few issues of Captain America and Detective Comics.

Truth be told there have been no "official" press releases or statements from Marvel or any other comic book company that they are going to be phasing out the traditional comic book any time soon. However, that being said, it it only logical to assume that the days of the traditional comic book are numbered.

More and more of us are hooked on our smart phones and tablets, spending more and more time on them. We get our music, movies, books, and gaming all on our devices now and the dependance on such devices will only grow with each generation. Ask any person under 25 if they've ever used a typewriter or played a record on a record player and they'll probably either look at you funny or ask you what those things are.

Is the comic book as we know it going extinct? The answer is eventually. It could be in a year or in five, but for now, I'll enjoy them while I can.

What do you think? Do you prefer traditional comic books to digital? Should the traditional comic book be phased out? Let us know what you think.

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