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Is mankind ready for a ‘Star Trek’ reality?

Leonard Nimoy
Leonard Nimoy
Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

According to NASA, warp drive capability may evolve from science fiction to scientific non-fiction. Galaxy travel will someday be a reality. There is a possibility to journey to other planets, similar to the television series ‘Star Trek’. Which leads to the question, “Is mankind ready for a ‘Star Trek’ reality?”

On any given day, global news highlight current wars. There is constantly contemplation about what to do with warring countries and fractions. Some advocate for war, some advocate for an isolationistic approach. War supporters believe in beating other countries into submission. Countries who do not respect them, will fear them. The isolationists’ belief is they have their own problems. Why should their country interject into the troubles of another country, especially if the country involved won’t defend itself? Leave other countries to their fates.

Global states that almost half the world’s population lives in poverty. The Center of Biological Diversity affirms we are experiencing one of the worse mass extinction of plants and animals eras. reports about 780 million people lack clean water. Global crises are not limited to only these issues.

Mankind cannot manage planet Earth. The global community cannot even peacefully live with each other, nationally or internationally. People are their own worst enemies.

If ‘Star Trek’ warp drive becomes a viable reality, what happens when the novelty of space travel is over? Will countries race to conquer the most planets? Once attainable planets are conquered, do hostile takeovers of other planets begin, subjugating “third world” planets first?

What’s to stop this futuristic scenario? The goodness of mankind. Shouldn’t the goodness of mankind begin here on earth? Charity begins at home.

What right do the human race have to pollute the universe with dysfunction and propensity for war? Isn’t it enough, earth is messed up? Now, mankind wants to boldly go where no man has gone before.

The Prime Directive of ‘Star Trek’ prohibited Starfleet officers and crews from interfering with other civilizations. They were not to force their personal beliefs and biases on another group. Misuse of power was forbidden.

How about a moment of honesty? The Prime Directive is so not present humanity. Mankind is not ready to trek the stars. That’s reality.

About the Author:
C. C. J. Vann is a writer, columnist and speculative fiction enthusiast. Her blog is “C. C. J. Vann”, ( You may contact her at info[at]ccjvann[dot]com.

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