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Is managing a business right for you?

Managing is not as exciting as starting a business
Managing is not as exciting as starting a business

When starting a business, you need to have a certain skill set: Passion, persistence, and vision. This skill set enables you to get the ball moving, or to get the business the push it needs to gain traction.

But what happens when the business is self-sustaining?

This is a common problem with many entrepreneurs. There is massive excitement when starting the business; there are many challenges; there is never a dull moment. However, when the challenges have been overcome, the excitement turns into monotony, and the moments become more dull, do the skills you had when you started still apply?

They do, but not in the same capacity.

The passion, persistence, and vision are still necessary in managing the business, and to grow it, but they will not be used in the same manner, since the challenges will be significantly different. Your situation will be different from most other businesses, so share in the comments section the skills you use in managing your business and how they differ from what you used when you started your business.