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Is Luis Garrido a good fit for Houston?

Is Luis Garrido set to be the Dynamo's next signing?
Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

With the signing of DaMarcus Beasley complete, rumors have swirled that the Houston Dynamo have another move coming. Rumor also has it that left back Corey Ashe will be the next Dynamo packing his bags. Rumor has it that Houston's next move may be the signing of Olimpia star Luis Garrido but is that really a move the Dynamo need to make and how much of a difference would it make?

First, it was telling that Beasley during Thursday night's introduction he referred to himself as a left back, the same position that Ashe currently occupies.

“Do I see myself as a left back? Yes.” Beasley said Thursday in his introductory press conference. “I played there for the last almost two years now with Puebla as well and obviously with the national team. I see myself as a defender.”

Why trade a player who has solidified the left side of the backline and consistently provides a threat to push the ball forward.

If one thinks Ashe is the problem or being rid f him and inserting Beasley is the answer, they haven't watched enough Huston soccer this season. Neither the left side or the right side of the backline for that matter have been Houston's problem. The problem has been the centerbacks position. It began with the departure of Bobby Boswell. The organization let the mainstay of Houston's final defense down the middle of the field go in exchange for saving money and in the end it has yielded a defense that is as porous as a sieve where the defense needs to be the strongest. Beasley's arrival does nothing to solve that problem just as Ashe's potential leaving will do nothing to solve the problem either.

The rumors of Ashe's departure are growing with the coincidental arrival of Olimpia in Houston for a game at Joe Butler Stadium tonight.

MLS correspondent Darrell Lovell who covers the Houston Dynamo tweeted this morning that the Garrido signing is nearly complete.

"Dynamo hoping to make Garrido announcement today if issues resolved. Hard nosed midfielder who can hold possession in the middle."

Garrido's arrival would bring another player with World Cup experience to the Dynamo but would a Garrido signing really make a difference or would it be more like the signing of Alexander Lopez last season? Garrido would be joining a squad that still has a depth of midfielders at its disposal including Oscar Boniek-Garcia (former Olimpia player), Lopez, Andrew Driver, brad Davis, Ricardo Clark, Servando Carrascio, Tony Cascio (injured) and Giles Barnes turned forward.

Houston doesn't need another midfielder no matter how hard nosed a defender he may be. Instead it would be simpler to rid the orange of David Horst and/or Eric Brunner, and drop Clark to the backline where he has played admirably in fill-in roles.

Was Beasley the right move? Is Garrido the mext right move only time will tell.

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