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Is Lotus Cobra Overrated?

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With the release of Zendikar, players will be able to structure countless deck options around the release of the set.  There is one card in particular that has engaged many people's interests. 

Lotus Cobra offers plenty in terms of mechanics.  With it's unique Landfall ability, it's sheer speed production is unrivaled.  The first thing I thought of when I saw this card was, how did that get printed?

Every time I think about how Lotus Cobra affects the metagame, I think of a new way to use it.  Even as I am writing this article, I thought of how much more quickly cascade benefits from using this card.   As a turn two drop, it will likely provide it's controller with production as soon as it enters the battlefield.  Though, with a toughness of 1, the survivability of the cobra is very low.  Almost every color has an answer to it with a low mana cost.  Red has Lightning Bolt, blue has Unsummon, (though temporary), white has Harm's Way or Path to Exile, and black has Deathmark

However, Green does not have a low cost answer to eliminating this card, but since most decks in Standard share multiple colors, there is likely a way to eliminate this card from the battlefield.  Green is the one playing the card anways. 

Lotus Cobra demands a high buying price individually, but how long can it stay so high?  In my honest opinion, I don't think it will stay at it's average of $29 individual buyout.  But will teeter it's way down to a $20 average (which is still high).  The card is powerful, but there are just too many readily available options in any deck to limit it's value.  The card merely becomes a set back for your opponent as they are forced to deal with it immediately and the card will likely spend more time in the graveyard than in the battlefield. 

Overrall, I do think it's one of the best in the set, if not the best.  I just can't see it being a game decider.