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Is Lois Lerner toast? New emails may suggest so

Newly released emails may in fact lead to contempt charges for the former head of the IRS, Lois Lerner, for her refusal to answer questions regarding the ongoing investigation.

Last week Lerner again took the stand before Darrel Issa's investigative committee and invoked her Fifth Amendment rights in order to not have to testify regarding the specific targeting of conservative political groups. Her refusal to testify has caused outrage amongst many in the political world who want answers regarding who was behind the scandal and where the orders came from since many believe it directly affected the 2012 elections.

The full content of the emails in unknown, however Fox News contributor Jay Sekulow from the American Center for Law and Justice explains how Lerner made a conscious decision to "slow-track" the filings because she knew it would control political speech. From what he said the emails make connections between different government agencies and shows that there was "patterned activity" that was engaged in for the sole purpose of "silencing a particular viewpoint."

Sekulow further explained that Lerner is one of the key points in the targeting scheme and that she "clearly" had an agenda to silence opposing political views based on the content of the emails. He also detailed how Lerner and others she was communicating with started planning the idea more than two years ago and knew that they would be under intense scrutiny once they started, prompting them to take precautionary measures in order to hide their activities.

In all, Sekulow believes that the latest round of emails should be enough to bring some sort of action against Lerner whether it be appointing a special prosecutor or holding her in contempt and forcing her testimony.

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