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Is Lingerie Fighting Championships the future of MMA?

According to an Apr. 2 Facebook post from the Lingerie Fighting Championships, the new eye-catching lingerie-based MMA promotion is set to make its pay-per-view debut on Apr. 11.

The Lingerie FC has signed several athletes from the Lingerie Football League
Photo by Mark Kolbe/Getty Images

Lingerie FC, the most controversial promotion in the realm of MMA, is expected to air on over 100 cable systems across the country.

The league features female athletes fighting in lingerie, so the concept is upsetting to many hardcore MMA and WMMA fans. Several WMMA athletes have already spoken out against the promotion, as they feel it is degrading to females.

Despite their protests, Lingerie FC is expected to go on as planned.

"Only 9 days until our first show on iN DEMAND! Subscribers to CableVision, Charter, Comcast, Cox, TimeWarner and most other cable systems can watch our lovely ladies fight in nothing but lingerie. In Canada we're carried on Bell, Rogers and Viewer's Choice," the promotion tweeted.

In the first fight of the night, Michelle "Scrapper" Blanchard, a Lingerie Football League vet, takes on standout striker Tara "Guillotine" Gaddy. Blanchard is the face of the league at this point, as she's the world's first two-sport lingerie athlete.

Also on the LFC 1 main card, Helen "Ignite" Mei (6-2) battles hard-hitting submission ace Suzanne "Hawaiian Punch" Nakata.

Additionally, undefeated champion Feather "the Hammer" Hadden (17-0) will take on Jody "Conquering Angel" Connacher (0-3) in a key bout with serious title implications.

“Despite what some people might think, we didn’t just cast based on looks," said LFC creator and executive producer Shaun Donnelly. "Each of the girls we selected come from a strong sports background. Several of the girls have ju-jitsu and muay-thai training, there’s a wrestler, a division one volleyball player, a competitive bodybuilder, a state champion swimmer, a football player and a gymnast.”

The Lingerie Fighting Championships athletes are knockouts outside the cage, but they also pack a mean punch inside of it.

Fans may initially notice the ladies for their eye-popping fight outfits, but they will soon come to realize they are legit talents who bring the pain just as hard as the male athletes.

"Each of our fighters come from strong athletic backgrounds," Lingerie Fighting Championships owner Roni Taylor says. "Just because you're a ring girl doesn't mean you can't be an athlete. Jody played 4 years of division 1 volleyball and Cali was a competitive gymnast. Look at their bodies - do you think they got those by sitting on the sofa watching TV?!"

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