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Is Lindsay Lohan involved with a married man with kids?

COACHELLA, CA - APRIL 12: Lindsay Lohan attends the FLAUNT Magazine & Siwy present Virgin Sacrifices event on April 12, 2014 in Coachella, California.
Photo by Photo by Araya Diaz

Lindsay Lohan can’t seem to stay out of trouble. Rumors abound over Lindsay’s interview with The Kurator of Kode magazine. There is conflict whether the interview really took place. It was during this interview that Lindsay allegedly made a shocking confession while drinking a glass of vodka on the rocks. She is dating a married man who has kids.

Star believes they have discovered who the mystery man is. They allege that it is Domingo Zapata. However, Lindsay’s rep told Mail Online that the story of Lindsay dating a married man, or sleeping with Jared Leto, or the snide remarks she allegedly made concerning Barbara Walters and Jennifer Lawrence was mostly false.

Lindsay spent time in rehab to help with her drug and alcohol problem, but headlines continue to report that she has been seen drinking. The latest incident was at Coachella where she consumed vodka. On an episode of “Lindsay Lohan,” Lindsay reveals that she recently suffered a miscarriage. However, sources who profess to be close to Lindsay say that she was never pregnant during the filming of her show or in the months following.

A source tells Radar Online that Domingo was her shoulder to cry on, someone to offer her support through the difficult times.

Do you think that the interview with The Kurator or Kode magazine was real, or fabricated? Is Lindsay just an easy target because of her past history? Tell me your thoughts.

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