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Is Lindsay Lohan cursed for TV?

It seems as if Lindsay Lohan may be cursed for TV as her own show on the OWN Network isn't doing well.
Photo by Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images

It seems as if not all Hollywood stars are versatile enough to work on movies and television. This seems to be the case for Lindsay Lohan as her "Lindsay" show on OWN Network hasn't been able to pull in more than 700,000 viewers according to Radar Online on Wednesday. The show was only planned to run for eight episodes, with a possible renew for a second season, however, it doesn't appear that "Lindsay" will be that lucky since her second episode was down 24-percent in views.

"Lindsay" isn't the only show that isn't doing well that the Lohan has recently been on. She guest starred on an episode of "2 Broke Girls" as a bridezilla named Claire who couldn't decide on a cake. The episode that featured Lohan saw it's lowest ratings of the season with only 7.21 million viewers tuning in. This is down from their average 8.16 million viewers. This begs the question, is Lindsay Lohan cursed for TV?

Producers of "2 Broke Girls" have already claimed that Lindsay has been offered another guest role in a future episode, however, they might be re-thinking things after seeing their views take a nosedive from her one episode she was in. Lindsay has also claimed in interviews that her acting career hasn't been picking up after her stint in rehab due to doing the "Lindsay" docu-series for Oprah.

Lindsay Lohan has been trying to pick up the pieces of her life since rehab, however, she's slipped up at least once that she's admitted to in her docu-series, and there are rumors circulating that she's been drinking vodka while at Cochella. Whether or not this is factual information isn't known, but it seems like a likely possibility as this last stint of court ordered rehab is the only one that Lindsay has completed.

Whether or not Lindsay Lohan is actively trying to stay out of trouble and on the wagon is rocky at this point, but she has been doing a good job of staying in the news between her celebrity conquest list, and other bits of information that have been leaked about her. Do you think that Lindsay Lohan should find a new career path or stick to movie acting?

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