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Is Leah Calvert sub-tweeting about her ex-husband Corey Simms?

'Teen Mom 2' star Leah Calvert debuts short hair cut
Leah Calvert/Twitter

Leah Calvert has been dealing with what appears to be an ongoing feud with her ex-husband Corey Simms.

Although the pair had been co-parenting their twins, Ali and Aleeah, quite well during season four of "Teen Mom 2," things took a turn for the worse when Calvert made claims that Simms had cheated on his now-wife, Miranda, during an unseen moments special for the series.

Now, she appears to be sub-tweeting about him online.

"I feel bad for the ones that think are so loved while they're being lied to. It seems so perfect, huh?" she asked.

Although Calvert didn't address the tweet to anyone in particular, many fans guessed that it was Simms who she was speaking of.

"I will never understand how obsessed these TM girls are with their ex's..." one fan wrote. Another said, "Why be pissed because he moved on to a good woman and he has his balls back now? She is tweeting about Cory I assume her usually [b***hing] because she isn't getting her way..just Leah being Leah she must not of got her way so she is throwing a tantrum."

During the unseen moments special, which aired earlier this year, Calvert had informed Dr. Drew that Simms had been texting her during filming, claiming to be missing his family. She also alleged that he had admitted to cheating on Miranda early in their relationship.

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