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Is Lambeau Field doing enough to protect fans in frigid deep freeze

Would you sit still for a football game in an arena where the temperature is 20 degrees? How about -19 degrees with a wind chill of -40? While most fans would be uncomfortable in 20 degree cold, tonight's match up between the Green Bay Packers and San Francisco 49ers is expected to be unbearable for some. While the team players may have some protection from the elements, like heated benches and a heated field, the fans and other workers are left to fend for themselves.

Staff at the field realize that fans will be cold and are trying to do what they can by giving them vouchers for two hot chocolates and a pair of hand warmers. Still, will it be enough? Exposed skin can be subject to extreme frostbite in a matter of minutes . This game will last hours. Even if the fans stand up , their faces and extremities are vulnerable.

Parking attendants must show up hours in advance and have the dexterity in their hands to make change quickly. Some may shun gloves after a while in favor of enhanced productivity. This could have dire consequences. The cold is not the problem,it is the wind chill,that really hurts. in cold weather, it gets harder to move your fingers and toes. Running is darn near impossible and walking can be a chore.

Security and ushers must have relief available and must have someone close by to change out batteries in their radios , as the tundra like temperatures will wreak havoc with any battery operated device. Fans that arrive by vehicle may find their cars not able to start after the game , and in need of a jump start. Again, cold weather is an enemy of batteries. The temperatures and wind chill will plummet by the time the game gets let out.

Some fans may want to drink alcohol. They may get a sensation of being warm but this is a bad idea. The body will sweat and the moisture will be quickly evaporated. This leads to dehydration and hypothermia,which can kill you.

It is best to wear layers of loose fitting clothing,if you have to go there. For the players, the football can feel just like a rock and fingers can be broken and bodies bruised by coming in contact with it, the wrong way. as the temperature goes down, the filed will become harder and there will be a hard, frozen layer right on top of the grass.

Multiple ambulances are expected to be on standby , as fans and players try to battle to win a championship football game.

For more info on the stadium, go here.


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