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Is Kurt Cobain haunting Seattle?

Born to a waitress and a mechanic in Aberdeen, Washington on February 20, 1967, Kurt Donald Cobain was an average small-town boy. Described as happy, excitable, sensitive, and even shy, Kurt loved music and art at an early age. He began developing his musical abilities in his teen years after receiving a guitar as a birthday present. In 1987, the grunge band Nirvana formed and Kurt’s rise to fame skyrocketed.

Kurt Cobain

However, the tragic events of April 5, 1994 would ensure Kurt would never leave Seattle. After weeks of fighting with his wife, Courtney Love and struggles with drug addiction; Kurt’s life would end abruptly and without warning. His body lay motionless at 171 Lake Washington Boulevard East in Seattle, Washington waiting to be discovered. On April 8, 1994, electrician Gary Smith came to the home to complete a security system project and discovered Kurt with a shotgun across his body, a visible head wound, and a suicide note. Forensic experts would later state Kurt’s body revealed high concentration of heroin and diazepam or Valium. His body would be cremated and his ashes kept in an urn, spread at a Buddhist Monastery in New York, blessed and made into memorial sculpture by monks, and spread by his daughter Frances Bean in McLane Creek in Olympia, Washington.

Kurt Cobain followers and forensic experts continue to debate his true cause of death. They state suicide, addiction, clinical depression, or perhaps the undiagnosed stomach condition, which caused him great pain. Others feel Kurt was murdered. They argue Kurt could not have injected himself with the incredibly high dose of heroin, which was found in his system and still had the ability to the pull the trigger of his shot gun. His death also earned him a spot in the 27 Club, which is a group of popular musicians who died at age 27. Another well-known member of the 27 Club and Seattle native is singer and songwriter Jimi Hendrix.

Rather death by suicide or murder, it's possible Kurt’s sudden death left him with unfinished business and he could still be hanging around Seattle. This brings life to the ghost stories about Kurt Cobain in Seattle.

1. At Viretta Park, just outside the home where Kurt died sits a park bench. Fans of Kurt Cobain leave behind graffiti messages and visit the bench. Many of these visitors claim to see the ghost of Kurt Cobain lingering near the bench and in the park. Due to the graffiti, those servicing the park are often replaced. A.G.H.O.S.T. Advanced Ghost Hunter of Seattle Tacoma had a chance to meet with the man who is believed to own the original pieces of wood from the first bench. Their team psychic Merlyn uncovered some telling vibes from the wood.

2. A twenty-four year old woman in Essex, England claims Kurt Cobain haunted her laptop computer for a short time pleading for help and demanding she give him a kiss. Once she kissed the laptop, it stopped working.

3. Psychic Dr. Rob Cissna spoke on a radio show in which he claimed to be speaking to the ghost of Kurt Cobain. The twenty-minute radio show aired in 2011. It discusses Kurt’s final thoughts and regrets over leaving his daughter Francis.

4. Courtney Love herself was quoted as saying, “I'm not Kurt. I have to live with his $%#@#$ and his ghost and his kid every day.” Was she speaking philosophically or has she felt his presence as well?

5. Since his death in 1994, hundreds of eyewitnesses claim they have spotted Kurt Cobain all over the world. Was his death faked helping the star fade into an undercover life with paparazzi? The rational writing produced in his journals would indicate an intelligent man, but also a very loving man whose one positive in life was his young daughter. The one person he would have taken with him when he disappeared. It’s more believable that his spirit is still roaming freely and perhaps touring the world and performing concerts for those who are willing and able to hear his voice.

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