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Is Kristy Kelley disappearance connected to other missing women?

Where is Kristy Kelley/
Chelsea Hoffman 2014

Warrick County, Indiana: The search for Kristy Kelley is expanding, and this latest news report (as of Sunday evening) shares the heartbroken pleas of the missing woman's mother. There appears to be no sign of this missing woman, and there aren't many details to report about the circumstances surrounding her disappearance in the first place. Meanwhile, there's another woman missing in the same state -- Joelle Lockwood -- and there is some speculation about possible connections between these two cases. The moderator of the Help Find Joelle page on Facebook made a comment about checking to see if the person of interest in Joelle's case knows or has mutual friends with Kristy (the missing Boonville woman). Even if Kristy's case isn't connected to Joelle's, shouldn't investigators either confirm or eliminate connections with other unsolved missing women's cases in the region?

There are currently 53 unsolved cases involving missing women in the state of Indiana, according to the NamUs Missing Persons Database (and to be realistic, there are likely more than that). At least a dozen of those missing women have vanished in the past handful of years. Those missing women include Lauren Spierer, Jessica Masker and Sarah Kilgore among many, many others. It's been speculated time and time again over the years, but what if there truly is a serial predator targeting women in this region? Can police eliminate or confirm the possibility?

As for the search for Kristy Kelley, there have been no reports indicating whether or not any evidence has been found. While this woman remains missing it seems that there are no traces of her or what may have happened to her. There is just no telling whether she fell victim to foul play or if she is missing under some other circumstances.

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