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Is Kratom Herb Safe?

The herb known as "kratom" is a plant native to the rainforests of Southeast Asia. It has been used throughout history in traditional herbal medicine to treat pain, increase energy, reduce anxiety and depression symptoms, and promote feelings of wellness.

Because the kratom plant allegedly exhibits opioid-like activity, there are some concerns about its safety and potential to be abused. Many Kratom users affirm its medicinal properties, claiming that it is safer and more effective than common prescription pain medicines, and less addictive.

Based on the limited data that is available on kratom, it appears as though the actual plant extract is basically safe, and problems associated with kratom are the result of being abused or taken with other substances causing contraindications. When used properly, kratom does not appear to present health dangers. You can learn more about kratom herb and possible side-effects by visiting: kratom reviews

People living with chronic pain often find that Kratom appears safer and more effective than pharmaceutical drugs at relieving their pain. Kratom users claim that they are able to maintain quality of life without the unnecessary side-effects they experienced with popular prescription medications.

Whether using kratom, other herbs or prescription drugs, anything can present health dangers when used excessively, improperly or in combination with other medicinal substances. Remember to consult your health care provider to discuss your concerns and find the best solution for your pain.

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