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Is Kenya Moore Classy or Trashy for Trying to Iron things out with Apollo? #RHOA

Kenya Moore Leave Apollo Alone!
Kenya Moore Leave Apollo Alone!

According to our sources at

Do I think that Kenya Moore ever slept with Apollo Nida? No.

In my opinion, Kenya behaves like more of a Slore than she really is. She leads with her sexuality unnecessarily. Maybe it's a beauty pageant thing.

Apollo Nida, is unhappily married to Real Housewives of Atlanta cast member, Phaedra Parks. He is probably also the weakest and most spineless man that I have seen on really television-period. Unfortunately he is also one of the hottest. Apollo has created rumors about Kenya Moore and her chasing him that were not fully true. And he knows this.

"If I wanted to sleep with Kenya, I could have slept with Kenya."

This is what Apollo said to his wife. Who says to their wife tho?

Did the two share inappropriate text messages? Well of course they did.

I have met many married men in my time that have said and done things that put me in uncomfortable situations, uncomfortable because I probably know their wives. What did I do?...what any lady does-disappear. I did not try and have conversation with them, I did not try and befriend them and I damn sure didn't order a round of drinks for me and his friends while using the word suck...all while dipping my cigar in somebody's cognac. Kenya seems to have no filter when it comes to how to behave around another woman's husband.

*side-eye* Kenya. READ>>> What is the difference between Miss USA & Miss America anyway?

I have always been a Kenya Moore fan, and I still am. But Apollo is a notorious cheater and has no sense of respect for women. Kenya Moore and Phaedra Parks included. So my advice for Kenya Moore is that she should just leave Apollo alone.

Phaedra Parks knows her husband. She also knows that he is not to be trusted and that he has a weakness for Brown Beauty, Kenya Moore. Phaedra didn't even want to bring Apollo to Mexico with her, but she foolishly did anyway. They are on the road to splitsville, and Apollo is going back to prison, but Kenya Moore should salvage her own reputation and just leave Apollo alone. There will be more women chasing until he gets convicted-Kenya needs to disassociate herself from Apollo Nida.

What say YOU about Kenya Moore, is she more classy or as Phaedra calls her "Moore Whore?"

Classily Yours,

Sharelle D. Lowery

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