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Is K-9 Specialties legitimate?

When Chicagoans first heard about Robert Larson, it was when one-year-old Bryeon Hunter went missing on April 16th, 2013. To date, he has gone from working dog trainer to search-and-rescuer to hero to homeless. You may ask yourself, if this man is such a successful hero, why did he end up out on the streets? Where were his rescuers when he needed help?

Bryeon Hunter Amber Alert
Illinois Amber Alert Site

Things seem a bit discombobulated when it comes to Mr. Larson. According to his Facebook page (which began in 2011), he has a dog training organization named K-9 Specialties. He has two dogs of his own, a German Shepherd and a Yellow Lab.

Although Mr. Larson performed a very great feat last year when he persevered by looking for over a month for the Hunter child – even after everyone else stopped searching, the question that seems to resound in many peoples’ minds is what type of training did Larson have that would lead to his demise. If he is indeed a hero, why wouldn’t more people seek his professionalism with missing persons and with his search-and-rescue expertise?

It seems as though he and the authorities don’t quite seem eye-to-eye on his discovery or his professional methods. Last week an article was published by Mary Mitchell in the Chicago Sun Times that even questions whether or not Robert Larson was acting out of the goodness of his heart – or if he was an attention-getter from the start.

It would be sad to believe the latter. This mad did do something incredible for society. He gave closure to a baby’s life when his mother and her boyfriend could have cared less. They killed him; Lakesha Baker and Michael Scott beat this baby to death because he was not potty trained!

They lied to authorities stating that Bryeon was abducted by three Hispanic men in an SUV when the fact was they beat him until he was dead and then carelessly tossed his body into the Des Plaines River. At least Robert Larson made an effort for this child when even his mother gave a damn; tossing him aside like an old piece of garbage.

Search-and-rescue dogs are highly trained and many law agencies and others are in constant need of their service. The hope is that someone will get to the bottom of why Larson has been put out on the street with his dogs; why his services are not required when he has proven that he is determined enough to stick to a job until satisfied it is resolved. Does he not get along with authority figures or what?

For those of us that have never met the man behind the rescue, we wish him and his dogs the very best. We hope that if his services are indeed all they are cracked up to be, that by no means will he be overlooked when the services he and his dogs offer are in great demand!

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