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Is juicing harmful for children? Top trainer says yes

Trainer says stop giving kids juice
Trainer says stop giving kids juice
Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Celebrity trainer Vinnie Tortorich spoke to Examiner on Feb. 4 and offered advice to parents on transitioning their child to a healthier diet. Tortorich is the author of “Fitness Confidential” and creator of the NSNG (no sugar no grains) eating plan.

Refined sugar and grains are linked to inflammation in the body. Inflammation causes a host of problems, including depression, diabetes, obesity, anxiety, cancer and heart disease. Tortorich says cutting the sugar and grains is key to good health, but the transition should be slow when it comes to children.

When asked, “What about sandwiches in the lunchbox?” he says two pieces of bread a day isn’t the problem. The problem occurs when there’s a sandwich, plus Goldfish crackers, pudding, cookies and juice.

Tortorich advises parents to keep soda and sweets out of the home. Reserve these items for treats, not pantry staples.

Vinnie Tortorich says the most important way to reduce children’s sugar intake is to eliminate all juice from their diet, even freshly squeezed varieties. Juicing removes the fiber from the fruit, leaving pure sugar.

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