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Is Joplin headed for more trouble

FEMA trailers
FEMA trailers
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Hard hit Joplin Missouri will be getting their first shipment of FEMA trailers soon. These emergency portable homes will put a roof over heads of the tornado victims. But what will be the ultimate cost? From the deaths of the tornadoes to the fungus that has been taking its toll on the survivors of the natural disaster, the citizens of Joplin have had death and heartache. Now, a new threat comes at the hands of FEMA.,0,2235200.story

After Hurricane Katrina hit the New Orleans area, FEMA moved in these mobile units for the residents. After a time, illnesses were starting to be reported. The cause was poisoning. After a lengthy investigation by federal and independent sources, the cause of the illnesses was found to be the trailers themselves.

The problem was an airborne version of formaldehyde. This product is used in wood treatment and embalming. The International Agency for Research on Cancer, and the EPA, both list formaldehyde as a cancer causing agent.

The Sierra Club tested the trailers and found that there were 0.34 parts per million of the substance. This is listed as the same amount exposed to embalmers during their process. All but 4 of the trailers tested were found to have 0.1 part per million, enough to cause physical effects to humans.

Does Joplin need to have another federally caused health problem on top of everything that they have already endured?


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