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Is Johnny Weir back together with husband Victor Voronov?

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Over the weekend, Johnny Weir and Victor Voronov reconciled. However, according to Radar Online, Johnny and Victor wrote up a list of conditions that they must comply with before they can resume their marriage.

Victor requested that Johnny sign a contract before they got back together. The contract stipulated that Johnny needed to apologize for all the bad things he said about Victor and he had to keep his mother out of their relationship. According to Victor, Johnny's mother is the one causing the most problems in their marriage.

What was Johnny’s terms? Most of them were about fidelity. Johnny wrote up a five-page post-nup that included things like, no sex or oral sex outside the marriage. No kissing or making out. Victor was asked not to do any sexting, aggressive flirting, and he was to refrain from social media/gendr/dating. In addition, neither of them would be allowed to masturbate. If, by chance they encountered someone from their past that they had dated or the future who they want to date, then the other party can veto the contract.

According to Johnny’s document, they would be tested for STDs twice a year and their results would be read between them. Any gifts they received would still belong to them. However, the strangest part of their document is in the Ultimatum section. Victor issued an ultimatum of, "If I give you one more day to get your bank records to me, then I want to have a free f*** of anyone I want." Johnny wanted Victor banned from issuing any ultimatums.