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Is John Yarmuth representing Louisville or himself in Congress?

John Yarmuth was first elected to the House of Representatives in 2006 with 51% of the vote. In 2008, he won again with 59% of the vote. He secured the votes of a little over half of those consitutents who reside in Kentucky's third congressional district. One would think those numbers would inspire humility, but instead have only served to foster grandiose posturing and inflated ambition. The voters no longer seem to be a part of the equation in Mr. Yarmuth's world.

Mr. Yarmuth lost my vote in 2008. At that time, I called his office because I was deeply concerned about the effect of the legislation going through Congress in order to approve the bailout funds. After taking the time to read the bill, it was painfully obvious there was no oversight imposed on any funds that would be released. I distinctly remember my call to Mr. Yarmuth's office because after I voiced my concern, his secretary told me I didn't have anything to worry about - he was against this legislation and would not be voting for it. I told them of my experience in calling Mitch McConnel's office, who supported the legislation, and she replied, "John Yarmuth doesn't believe in this legislation and you can count on him ... he isn't Mitch McConnell".

And believe in him I did. Right up until Barack Obama, soon to be our next President, met with Mr. Yarmuth. Suddenly, our Representative did an about-face. Overnight his vote changed from nay to yeah. And, it is worth mentioning, shortly thereafter he was rewarded by the Democratic Steering and Policy Committee with a spot on the influential Ways and Means Committee. He sold every Kentuckian who voted for him out for personal gain. Sound familiar? Welcome to Congress.

John Yarmuth forgot about the people who voted him in office. He did it again recently with the healthcare legislation being shoved through Congress. I can't help wondering what glorious rewards he will be recieving as a result of selling out voters this time around. I am absolutely convinced despite how many times Kentuckians call his office to voice their dissent about a particular piece of legislation, he could care less. He no longer represents Kentucky's third congressional district. He is much too busy representing himself.

Even the generic replies one gets after taking the time to write Mr. Yarmuth are telling. He responds with, "I understand your concerns about current proposals, so I wanted to fully explain my views on healthcare reform". His views? Apparently, he has forgotten the meaning of the word "representative". It is not supposed to be about his views, it is supposed to be about the views of the people who elected him. I suppose he can ignore that to his own peril. November 2nd is just around the corner.

I don't think John Yarmuth understands how tired people are of politicians who lie and how tired they are of the sleazy deals made at the expense of the voters for personal gain and influence. Congressional support is at an all-time low because of the abuses congressional members continuously engage in for these very reasons and Mr. Yarmuth is a mere symptom. He has seemingly forgotten the golden rule: He may be in power, but ultimately the people have the power.

Let freedom ring November 2, 2010. John Yarmuth needs a wake-up call from his self-induced, narcissistic, ambition-driven state of hypnosis. His alarm is set for November 2nd. Let's hope every single voter sets it off.


  • McAdam 5 years ago

    Fantastic article, Kim! Welcome to the Louisville Examiner family. --Louisville City Hall Examiner

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