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Is Jeff Bezos going to give us an Amazon smartphone this month?

is this the mystery device?
is this the mystery device?

Once again Jeff Bezos shows he knows how to build an aura of mystery/ On Wednesday he released a teaser video to invite the public to request tickets for the big reveal of their latest product on June 18th. The video show consumer holding the mysterious new device and delivering rave reviews. There are no details of what the device could be leading to plenty of speculation that we might finally get the Kindle smartphone that has been rumored for the last 2 and half years.

It was right after Amazon gave us the Kindle Fire that talk of a smartphone first appeared. When know confirmation came from any spokesperson of the e-commerce giant the rumors went away. The following summer the rumors of a Kindle smartphone seemed to have more credentials when the Wall Street Journal reported sources spotted representatives of Amazon talking to a smartphone manufacture. Still there was no announcement and again the rumors went away. Then just last month the rumors came back as technology blog BGR (boy genius report) hand leaked renderings of what appeared to be the new smartphone. With the video and the upcoming announcement it is looking as though we are past the rumor stage.

The one question left seems to be will the new Amazon smartphone look anything like what was reported by BGR last month. According to that report the specifications, that seems to be coming straight from Amazon, are that the smartphone will include: 3 front-facing cameras that will be to give the user a 3D experience without need of special equipment, a forth front-facing camera for video conferencing, a 4.7-inch display, 2GB of RAM and a 13-megapixel rear-facing camera. The smartphone will run the same forked version of the android operating system that the Kindle Fire tablets run. So, all apps for the smartphone will have to come from Amazons app store.