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Is it wise to date a co-worker?

Employers may frown upon it and even prohibit it, many physiologists advise against it and friends may suggest that mixing work with pleasure isn’t a good idea, but your place of employment may just be where you meet your soul mate. But before you forge ahead, there are some things to consider, especially if you want to keep your job
Company Policy – Many businesses have a clause in their employment contracts that forbid co-workers from dating. For the same reason many companies deny employment to relatives of their workers – personal relationships often are the catalyst of work place friction. And romantic relationships are even more troublesome with its inevitable ups and downs. Some companies will even go so far as to fire employees who violate the rules and begin seeing each other.

Response of Co-workers – Fellow employees may not be exactly enthusiastic about your workplace romance, especially if one is management and the other isn’t. You may be able to cover up your involvement, but eventually the truth will come out. So be prepared for a mixed negative, and hopefully some positive, responses from your co-workers. Gossip is a part of many office situations, but can you handle being the topic of discussion?

You will also need to consider if your relationship will hinder team effort or cause bad feelings as a result of your decision to date a co-worker. One possible solution would be to ask for a transfer to another department, eliminating any jealous or contentious competition that may arise from your office romance.

Repercussions of a Short-lived Romance – One situation that most people neglect to think about when getting involved with a co-worker, is what happens if it ends. If you’re both working in the same department, you will have to face each other every day no matter how hurt or angry you are about the relationship’s end.

A Word of Caution – Sexual harassment isn’t an issue to be taken lightly. Carefully consider the character of the person you’re interested in before you make the move to actually date. You don’t want to find yourself in the position of having to defend yourself against a jilted lover who claims to be an innocent victim of harassment – a surefire way to ruin your personal and professional reputation.

If you’re considering dating a co-worker, take the time to carefully consider the repercussions before you make the leap. The relationship may be what you’ve always hoped for, but you need to be realistic about the effects it will have on your employment situation and be comfortable with the possible negative reactions.

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