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Is it weak to give in, in your relationship?

Love Is Never Weak!

You are typically a stand your ground person. You know what you know and it's impossible for anyone to tell you otherwise.

Once you just read my opening sentence please tell me you thought to yourself; that sounds like such nonsense. And what's inappropriate with either person in a relationship given into the one you love. Certainly, it's not weak, it's called a relationship and or a partnership.

I can recall as a youngster and I would often say all the things I wouldn't stand for and what I most certainly would and wouldn't allow. Real life then happened; next came my family; and many times simply to keep the peace I would step back. Would one consider this as being a result of maturity? Hopefully, indeed it is.

Needless to say, if it's something which will harm, injure or damage me personally, my children, my spirituality the answer without a doubt will always be; without wavering, no.

It really is fascinating to watch individuals with their allegedly love one as opposed to a person they may merely know as an acquaintance. This person will smile on their behalf and scowl upon the one you maintain to love until death do you part. You will forgive another person that you do not live with however, won't give into your closest neighbor. What sense does that make?

Are you the sort of person that will fix themselves up nice while being pleasant for someone on the street; agree adamantly with all their work mates; and glare callously at the mother or father of your children; that is the closest person to you. I've tried to wrap my mind around this type of behavior wondering what goes through an individual's mind to act in this type of inappropriate way. Does this type of person feel this is an acceptable way to carry oneself? Does this person not think there are no other individuals looking on and all are in total disagreement with their behavior? Something to give thought to.

To hear your partner express gratitude by a simple thank you for you caring so much; by giving them an apology which you may not always do, will only regenerate the love in your relationship all the more. Is it weak to give in; no, it demonstrates your commitment, dedication as well as your love to your relationship. That doesn't sound weak; on the contrary it actually sounds like you are building a solid foundation.

This type of dedication in turn further increases a much happy and healthier relationship. Never waste time waiting for your mate to go first; Nowhere will you find it said that there is absolutely anything weak about you taking the first mature step forward, why not try it today!

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