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Is it true? Is the Hoverboard really here?

I was on Facebook today, scrolling through my feed, and five friends posted this very interesting YouTube video at the same time, a video that if true, will change the world.

From their website, HUVr releases the Hoverboard as shown in their video.
HUVr Tech

So I am sure you have seen the four and a half minute infomercial by HUVr Tech and while I am no film expert, there are many ways a good director can make something look real. I cannot verify the validity of this video but while most is excited at the idea of a Hoverboard (yes, I meant to capitalize that), there is much speculation on the Internet on whether this is true or a hoax.

On the video, there appears to be an older Christoper Lloyd, driving up to the viewing location in a Delorian, the car used in the beloved 80's movies, Back to the Future 1-3. A couple of Internet articles say it is not him. His representative has not returned my call for validation that is (or isn't) him.

Questionable Mr. Lloyd continued to present the Hoverboard. The young ladies and gents invited proceeded to test the prototype and exclaim at their transcendence in experiencing the actuality if hovering.

HUVr is a group of five individuals all male but one female. They do not provide any names, emails or other contact information but in their "about us" page, it states:

"The HUVr Board team ultimately aims to improve the efficiency, speed and sustainability of mass transportation. Yet rather than spend several more years closed off from the world while investing in research and development, the team and our world-class investors have worked to change the economics R&D by marketing this exciting consumer product in order to fund ongoing R&D."

Take that how you want to, please.

When HUVr was searched on the California Secretary of State's business search, there is no entity with that name.

According to Buzz60, this video isn't real.

This doesn't mean it isn't happening, I think the idea of anonymity when showing this type of breakthrough science is a smart one. Buzz60 quotes the website's countdown to a "Back to the Future S destination time...sometime in December." I don't know what this means without a source. However, until a major, reliable investigative reporter (Anderson Cooper, etc.) has been able to contact the pioneers of this American dream, I wouldn't bet my 401K that this video is real.

I know if this is a hoax, without an explanation, it will be a cruel one and the people better stay in hiding.

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